11 Most common mistakes in bodybuilding

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In this, we will be covering all the common mistakes that people do in bodybuilding and we have listed 11 most common mistakes in bodybuilding.

The list of mistakes from individual to individual can be numerous but we will be covering the most common mistakes so that you know where are you are lacking and you should avoid such mistakes to build a good physique.

This 11 most common mistakes in bodybuilding,

will help you out on where you are probably making mistakes.

1. Warmup-

As for beginners most of them try to avoid this and there is a major chance of injury.

Most of the young guy starting with their bodybuilding journey, they will be always looking for weights and they rather ignore such activity.

Now, why warm up is necessary?

pull up for warm up and warm up is very necessary for you to do inorder to build muscle
11 most common mistakes in bodybuilding

We have covered this topic in many of our articles but to keep it simple warm-up allows our body to get prepared for doing workouts and there will be less chance of injury.

So, we highly recommend you to please first go with some warm-up exercise.

Just make sure which muscle group you are training try to warm up those muscle group first rather than going for the whole body.

2. Heavy Weights-

This where the problems begin and most of the people starts complaining about their body does not respond or they cannot see any changes in their body instead of doing such intense heavy workout.

This is most important aspects need to be covered in our 11 most common mistakes in bodybuilding.

Remember, weight should not be your concern but the thing you must focus on is your proper form of doing that exercise

11 most common mistakes in bodybuilding-deadlift is important exercise and focus on form not the weights
11 most common mistakes in bodybuilding

No matter how heavy or light you go but if your form is not correct your body will not grow.

So, try to improve your form first and then go for weights.

3. Biceps 3-4 times per week-

Now, many people just simply go to the gym and they only do biceps exercise thinking that they will get huge and massive biceps if they train multiple times

This is wrong and if you are doing this then you need to stop this.

11 most common mistakes in bodybuilding-biceps need not to be trained multiple times, training them once in a week is enough for growth
11 most common mistakes in bodybuilding

Biceps and triceps are amongst the smallest muscle groups and you don’t need to train them 3 or 4 times per week.

Training once with proper form is more than enough.

Remember when you are training your back or when you are doing deadlifts you are already training biceps by the side because the primary muscle group which is involved in those exercises is your biceps.

So, there is no point to train your biceps multiple times.

4. Too much of cardio-

This is for those who are looking to get down their body fat percentage

Now, yes definitely cardio will be going to help you to bring down your body fat percentage but going for cardio all the day in a week will not give you fast results.

Instead of cardio, we suggest you focus on weight training, as it has after effect also and will also help you to burn more calories and help you to build muscles.

Best cardio to burn fat fast

We would recommend you to go for cardio for only 3 times per week and not more than that.

5. Skipping out leg workouts-

Now, many people don’t find it good or they might be skipping leg workouts majority of the time.

Many people want to train and they want a good upper body

11 most common mistakes in bodybuilding-leg is important muscle group and you should not skip it
11 most common mistakes in bodybuilding

But remember your overall look will get improve if you train legs properly

So, don’t skip leg workouts they are as much as important than other muscle groups.

6. Longer Rest Intervals-

Now, this is most common mistakes and you must work on this

When you train any of your muscle groups then your body is in active mode and longer rest intervals will cool down your body and it will be of no use.

So try to minimize your resting periods

We recommend having 45-60 seconds rest intervals between each set.

7. Fats before workouts-

When you are aiming to drop down body fat percentage and want to have a lean physique then stop consuming fats before your workouts.

The main purpose of your workout is to burn fat and when you are eating fat before your workout will obviously not going to help you in the fat burning process.

Consuming moderate carbs and a protein-based meal is always advisable

Protein will ensure that your muscle breakdown does not happen and carbs will give you the energy to perform an exercise

Goods fat list to be consumed to burn bad fats

8. Post Workout Meals-

When you are done with your intense workout and all your muscle tissue is tired and if you are not providing them with a proper meal then you will not see any changes

When you have done with your exercise all you need to do is to provide your body a complete lean protein

Now, this should be done without any intervention of any other nutrients in between.

chicken breast- a lean protein source to be taken after your workout

The very first your body needs to consume after a workout is protein.

Protein will help in muscle recovery and will help you to build muscles.

Top 18 Protein foods to build muscle

We recommend you to take any of the lean protein which you can easily take and you should be consumed within 10 minutes after your workout.

Remember, don’t get delayed in taking your post workout drink because your body requires immediate recovery.

After 40 minutes of your post workout drink, you can take your meal which should be a good mix of all the macros which is carbs, protein, and fats.

What to take in before and after the workout

9. Sleep-

Sleep is very important for any of your goal whether it is bodybuilding or fat loss.

Remember, our body takes major recovery when you are sleeping and if you are messing up with this then you are probably slowing down the process of achieving your goal.

Sleep is also important to live a healthy life and one should not ignore it.

We recommend you to take a sleep of at least 7-8 hours.

10. Rest Day-

Training and resting are two important concern for you.

We have seen many people doing a workout for an entire week and sometimes twice a day.

We would not say that is wrong but if you are thinking that this will make you build more muscle and you will achieve faster results than this is wrong.

Rest day is equally important for you in order to have a good physique

We would suggest that to do workouts 5 times per week and not more than that.

11. Nutrition-

Last but not least nutrition is very important.

Don’t mess up with your nutrition

Remember, exercise is just 20% the rest is 80% is all your nutrition.

To build muscle obviously first check out your maintenance calories and you need to be in calories surplus.


nutrition is important to build muscle

Properly add up all the macros as per your daily calories and your goals.

Ideally, to build muscle try to take 2 grams of protein per body weight.

Don’t have a one but the meal, take a small meal in every 3-4 hours.

Protein is very necessary for you to build muscles.

So, that is it we have covered 11 most common mistakes in bodybuilding which people do and hope you don’t do it next time.

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