Perfect 2500 Calorie Diet Plan To Gain Weight (Indian Diet)

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In this article, I’ll be showing the exact meal plan which can be used for both the purpose that is either for weight loss or weight gain. Now in this complete 2500 calorie meal plan, I have divided the meal plan into three types.

Now, the three types of meal plan are in the below ratios:

Protein: Carbs: Fat 

  • First meal plan – 50:30:20
  • Second meal plan – 20:50:30
  • Third meal plan  – 30:20:50

Now, let me clarify what do these above ratios mean?

In the first 2500 calorie meal plan, I’ll be giving a high protein diet, moderate carbs, and a low-fat diet.

The second meal is going for a high carb diet i.e., moderate protein, high carbs, and moderate fats.

In the last and third meal plan, you will be getting a high-fat diet which is moderate protein and carbs and with high fat.

So, I hope that till now you might be clear what does this meal plan looks like.

But, if you have noticed in all the meal plan I have not reduced the protein intake to a minimum,

because personally, I don’t recommend anyone to have a low protein diet.

No matter what’s your goal may be whether it is weight loss or weight gain, you need protein all the time.

So, without any further ado, let’s get into

2500 Calorie Meal Plan

2500 calorie meal plan


1. Diet Plan ( 50:30:20) –

Now, before we get into the actual meal plan you need to understand something,

Your Total Calories = 2500

Now, what’s should be my protein, carbs and fat amounts in these diet plan?

This might be the one question that pops up in your head, right!

To clear this thing, let’s check out a quick calculation

50% of calorie must be from Protein i.e.,

50% of 2500 = 1250 calories

Now, this 1250 calories is from your Protein, but wait we are not done yet

1 gram of Protein contains = 4 calories

So, 1250 calories = 312.5 grams

In the end, you must consume 312.5 grams of protein

To summarise all the values,

PROTEIN= 312.5 grams

CARBS= 187.5 grams

FATS= 55 grams

This must be your macronutrient breakdown for this 2500 calorie meal plan high protein diet.

Let’s get into one of the samples 2500 calorie meal plan:


2500 calorie meal plan

Mid- Snack:

2500 calorie meal plan


2500 calorie meal plan

Evening Snack:

2500 calorie meal plan


2500 calorie meal plan

Note: This 2500 calorie meal plan is for the individuals who are highly active in their life in terms of workouts, extracurricular activities.

This meal plan can be taken for muscle building or for the one who is looking for weight gain.

This 50: 30: 20 diet plan is not for beginners people, but this diet can easily suit and it is perfect for the advanced people.

Again, remember that this diet plan is of 2500 calorie meal plan and one must know their maintenance calories and accordingly take this diet or adjust their meals.

Now, what you have seen in the above diet was completely a high protein diet and that constitutes your 2500 calorie meal plan 1

Now, let’s get into the High Carb Diet Plan.

2. Diet Plan (20:50:30) –

Again, your calorie is = 2500

But, now the portions of all the macros i.e., protein, carbs, and fats will change

So, let’s us quickly know the macro breakdown for this 2500 calorie meal plan

Protein =125 grams

Carbs = 312.5 grams

Fats = 83 grams

So, let’s check out the diet plan

1. Morning:


Pancakes + 2 slice + 3 tbsp Maple Syrup

Protein – 11 grams

Carbs – 61 grams

Fats- 33 grams

Calories – 594

2. Mid-Snack:


1 Apple + 40 grams Oatmeal

Protein- 5 grams

Carbs- 49 grams

Fats- 4 grams

Calories- 257 

3. Lunch:


4 oz Beef + 1 Slice Cheese + 60 grams Brown rice + 2 tbsp Mustard + 70 grams Avocado

Protein -36 grams

Carbs – 49 grams

Fats = 25 grams

Calories – 605

4. Evening Snack:

1 scoop Whey Protein +40 grams Blueberries

Protein- 25 grams

Carbs- 35 grams

Fats- 4 grams

Calories – 280

5. Dinner:

80 grams Chickpeas + Salad + 100 grams White Rice + 200 grams Chicken Breast

Protein-57 grams

Carbs- 97 grams

Fats-20 grams

Calories- 777 

Note: This 2500 calorie meal is based on a high carb diet and if someone is looking for weight gain than this diet plan can be the best one for them.

Remember, no matter which diet you follows, but if you are looking for a weight loss than I recommend you to not to go for a high-carb diet but instead you can go for a high-protein diet.

Now, you get to know the idea about both high protein diet and high carb diet plan and till now I hope that you might have a clear picture that what all things you should be consuming in both the diet plan.

Now, let us know the last diet plan

This diet plan is completely a high-fat diet and a low-carb diet

Now, many of you might know these diet plan by the name keto diet as it is low-carb and high-fat diet.

But, a name doesn’t matter, our main goal is to understand the macro breakdown and to know what to consume in this diet.

3. Diet Plan (30:20:50)-


As always before we get into our actual diet plan, we need to understand it’s macro-breakdown.

Again your calorie is = 2500

In this high fat diet our main goal is to keep High fat, High protein and a very Low carbs.

Further, this diet plan is for one who wants to hit or their maintenance calories is somewhere around 2500.

Quick calculations-
1 gram Protein = 4 calories
1gram Carb = 4 calories
1 gram Fat = 9 calories

Our diet plan is based on 2500 calories
50 % of 2500 = 1250 calories —— from fats
30 % of 2500 = 750 calories —— from protein
20 % of 2500 = 500 calories —– from carbs

1250/9 g = 139 grams —- Fats
750/4 g = 187.5 grams —- Protein
500/4 g = 125 grams —– Carbs

As, to keep Carbs level low we have reduced the amount of carbs to almost 100 grams and adjusted the amount fats and protein accordingly.

Therefore, let’s check the diet plan

2500 calorie meal plan for building muscle

Morning: 1 scoop Whey Protein
1 Egg whites + 5 Whole Eggs

Mid- Morning Snack: 1 scoop Whey Protein
40 grams almonds

Lunch: 5 oz Beef
2 tbsp olive oil
A bowl of salad
¼ cheddar cheese
2-3 tbsp tomato syrup
2 tbsp Sour Cream

Evening Snack: 4 tbsp peanut butter
2 slice Brown bread
1 small banana

Dinner: 150 grams Chicken Breast

1 cup Green Beans
3 slice Cheese

2500 calorie meal plan for muscle building

Now, let’s have a look what 2500 calorie indian diet plan would look like?

2500 Calorie Indian Diet Plan

Morning: Apple milkshake + 2 boiled eggs or paneer roll (130 grams or 1 piece).

Mid-morning snack: 50 grams chana (boiled)

Lunch: 3 Roti + 1 cup chawal (rice) + 1 cup mix vegetables + 1 cup dal + 100 grams chicken breast

Evening Snack: 1 cup chai (tea)

Dinner: 2 rotis + 1 cup chawal (rice) + 1 cup dal + 100 grams chicken breast + 1 katori salad + 50 grams dahi (yogurt)

Total Calories- 2506 

2500 calorie meal plan indian diet

Bottom line:

All these diet plans are different from each other and all these 2500 calorie meal plans should be consumed for a different purpose.

Now, it is up to you which diet plan suits you the best and depending upon your goal.

Why I have provided these three different diet plans?

This might be question right!

Well, all individual differ from each other and they do have a different goal in their life and depending upon this

I have sorted the most three common types of people and depending upon their eating habits,

And of course the lifestyle, I have made these 4 diet plan for all of you.

I have listed out some common mistakes that people might do during these diet plan,

So let’s check it out


1. Adjust the meal if you feel it is heavy but remember to match the overall macro requirement.

2. Eat more healthy fats in all of the diets that I have provided.

3. Include Salad at least in one meal in your day.

4. While calculating and keeping your protein, carbs and fats ratios to the mark don’t just skip the fiber,

Fiber is as important than any other macronutrients.


1. Do not overeat in one meal.

2. Do not eat your meals at a random time.

3. Do not keep yourself more hungry.

4. Don’t consume more packed foods.

How to eat 2500 calories a day?

Well, 2500 calories meal plan is very heavy and it seems to be difficult to manage with the eating habits.

I would suggest you to take heavy breakfast, medium lunch, lighters snacks and medium dinner.

All these are proportions of the meal size that you should be taking in a day.

How much fat should I eat on the  2500 calorie diet?

Making your fat portions is totally depend upon your maintenance calories.

And these fat portions may differ for an individual to individual.

But roughly the fat portion ranges should be from 60-70g a day.

This is the most ideal fat portion you should be taking in 2500 calorie diet

Can I build muscle on 2500 calories a day?


You can surely build a shredded physique with these 2500 calories diet plan.

Just make sure that you measure your food macros and fill all your portions accordingly and don’t miss on your protein portions specially.

You need to maintain a decent number in your protein intake.

I would suggest at least take 1.2g – 1.5g/ body weight (kgs) of protein in a day to build muscle on 2500 calories a day.

For building muscle, protein is very important.

So, I hope that you understand the basic things which you need to follow during any of the diets that you might follow.

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