ABC Diet Plan: How It Works And Is It Safe?

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Are you looking for a quick weight loss diet plan? You probably are and have tried many of those but they didn’t work. Then this ABC diet plan is completely for you.

This ABC diet plan is a very low-calorie diet that can help you in extreme weight loss.

So, if you are one of them looking for a drastic change or transformation of your body then trying this diet plan will be worth your time.

That’s the reason I’m gonna show you what to do in this particular diet.

So, without any further ado let’s dive in

ABC Diet 

abc diet plan

So a very quick show with this diet is that it mainly focuses on spiking your metabolism level by cutting down your calories.

ABC diet, the name stands for Ana Boot Camp which was developed by Robert S Wieder.

The best part about this diet plan is that you are losing weight just by fooling your body.

Now, what does fooling your body mean?

Fooling your body here it means not letting your body know what next is going to come in terms of nutrition.

In simple terms, you are constantly reducing your calorie intake without starving.

ABC diet or The Ana boot camp diet was very widely popular from the anorexia forums.

Anyhow, if your metabolism is slow then it will hinder your weight loss process.

So, to look into what you need to do exactly in this diet let’s check out its process

How actually ABC diet works?

abc diet process

As I mentioned before ABC diet is a very low-calorie diet.

But there is a hidden secret correlation behind the name of ABC.

This diet plan does not ensure to have proper meals but restricting you to take only a few foods.

So what are those?

A- Antelope, asparagus, abalone, apples

B- Bean curd, bouillon, beluga caviar

C- Carrots, cucumber, celery stalk

You got the point, right!

There are basically three groups of foods you need to eat on this ABC diet.

Now, you need to do this diet for 50 days.

Do not overdo it because it can harm you or it will show a negative effect.

Again, the idea behind this diet plan is to boost metabolism by consuming fewer calories.

ABC diet plan has a certain period of stages in which it should be followed, so let’s check out.

Phases of the ABC Diet Plan

Phase 1

The first phase will start from day 1 to the 10th day. 

In the first and second day, you need to consume 500 calories. After that, you need to trick your body by changing up your calorie intake by up and down until you reach 100 calories.

After that on the third day, you should consume 300 calories and then increase your calories by 100 on the 4th day.

That’s 400 calories on the 4th day.

Now, the game changes and you are supposed to increase your calorie intake by 100 calories until you reach the 500 calorie mark.

So, you will notice that at the end you are the same stage where you begin from i.e., at 500 calories.

But once you reach 500 calories the last day will be fasting day.

Where you are not allowed to eat anything.

But, yes you can drink water, black coffee.

That completes your first phase of the diet.

Phase 2

The second phase will start from the 11th day to the 20th day.

In this phase, your calorie distribution is somewhere between 150-300 calories per day.

So on the 11th day, you need to consume only 150 calories and on the 12th day, you must consume 200 calories and 400 calories on the 13th day.

After that period, the calorie intake should be decreased which will be in the following manner 350, 250, 200 on every other day.

Once you completed the decline period the next day is the fasting day.

After fasting, you should eat 200 calories on the next day and 100 calories on the other day and then fast again.

I know it’s a very difficult phase but that how it goes.

With that, it completes your second phase.

Phase 3

This phase starts from the 21st day to the 32nd day.

You need to eat between 50 calories to 800 calories.

So, start your day by eating 300 calories then reduce the number of calories by 50 per day until you reach 50 calories.

Once, you reached 50 calories a day then your calories by 100 and then the following two days are of 200 calorie intake.

After that, take 300 calories on the next day and then 800 calories the other day.

At last, you need to fast.

That ends your third phase of the diet plan.

Phase 4

The fourth phase is very short it begins from the 33rd day to the 36th day.

In this phase, the calorie distribution is between 250 calories to 450 calories.

So, begin your first day with 250 calories and then increase your calorie intake by 100 calories per day for the next two days.

The last day is fasting.

That’s cover your fourth phase.

Phase 5

The last phase is really a big one.

This phase starts with the 37th day to the last 50th day.

The calorie intake for this phase is between 500 calories to 150 calories.

Start your day by eating 500 calories and then reduce the number of calorie intake by 50 per day until you reach 200 calories.

Once, you reached 200 calories eat the same amount of calories for the next two days.

After that, the next day you should eat 250 calories and then again drop down to 200 calories on the next day.

The next period follows like 300 calories, 200 calories and then 150 calories every other day.

The last day is fasting.

abc diet chart

This completes your ABC diet plan.

Remember, this was just a calorie intake that you need to follow on this ABC diet plan.

For many people restricting yourself to such low calories is quite difficult.

And that’s totally normal.

If you think that you can’t complete the whole phase of this diet plan then there is hard and go rules.

Just stop doing it and give it a rest.

The main objective of your should be to lose some weight.

And I’m pretty sure that by following this diet plan even if you are not able to complete it and if you do some phases then there are chances that you still able to manage to lose weight.

Now, you got to know about the diet plan let’s have a look at the benefits you can get from this plan.

Benefits of ABC Diet Plan

Faster weight loss:

When you are following this diet plan then definitely for sure you will lose weight.

But the magic is that it will help you to lose weight much faster than any other diet.

This diet focuses on a low-calorie consumption which allows your body to immediately drop down some of your extra pounds in a matter of a few days.

When you will be in a calorie deficit which is the number one factor that decides your weight loss

Your body will be in lack of energy and to get the energy your body will start consuming fats as a source of energy.

So finally, your body starts burning fat and in this way, you will lose weight.

Clean eating:

This diet plan helps you in clean eating because you are not allowed to eat any heavy or junk foods.

The foods here are very simple and less in calories mostly apples, carrots, chards, bean curd, beets, etc.,

Majority of the foods which this diet covers are fat flushing which helps you to remove toxins from your body and cleanses your body.

Now, I’m not saying that with proper meals in any other diet you can’t adapt to clean eating habit but in this particular, you don’t have to anything.

The food calories very less so there are literally no chances of going after junk foods.

Boosts metabolism:

The main benefit of this Ana Boot Camp diet is that it will boost your metabolism.

In fact, there are many people who still find it difficult to get high metabolism and due to which they find it hard to lose weight.

Now, there are many ways to boost your metabolism but this plan does your work by not allowing you to eat much.

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Diet Results

The Ana boot camp diet will initially help you to lose weight.

And I personally remained for such a low-calorie diet and honestly, I followed only for a few weeks and I managed to lose weight.

My main goal was to lose weight faster no matter how much but to lose it to the earliest.

I still remember that I was only eating fruits and drinking water.

However, this diet plan will help many people out there and especially if you tried many diets and you are extremely overweight then this diet can work.

But, wait!!!!

There are always two sides to the coin.

Few of you may not lose weight with this diet plan due to several reasons, maybe your body does not respond to it properly or you are making mistake with your calories or other reasons.

Now, what will happen is that when you are at such a low-calorie diet you will probably end up in going into starvation mode.

And there are chances that your body might gain weight instead of losing it.

You might feel weak, as I did.

So, what I recommend is that just check yourself how does your body respond to it.

Whether you lose weight, feeling better or weak?

And accordingly, take action on that.

Again, as I told you earlier also this ABC diet plan is for 50 days.

And, there is no rule to follow it for the 50 days. If you think you can continue with your diet, then only do it another wise stop it.

Also, when you will stop this diet then your body might gain weight tremendously.

That’s normal don’t worry about that.


One thing you need to remember is that the ABC diet is a very low calories diet and restricting yourself to such habits might cause you.

You may suffer from eating disorders and you might feel weak.

It is always advisable that you never follow one diet plan for a long term and especially low-calorie diet because it might lead to anorexia.

Anorexia is an eating disorder that can even cause death.

So, it’s better to be on the safer side and not to play with your diet.

The major risks that are associated with the ABC diet are a weakness, malnutrition, dizziness, eating disorder, cold, depression.

I would recommend you to consult your doctor before starting this diet.


Drink enough water:

stay hydrated

As this diet plan is restricted to very fewer calories.

Therefore, I highly recommend you to drink enough water.

At least you should drink 8-10 glass of water each day.

Also, this diet plan has fasting days so don’t go too hard with yourself

Hydrate your body and if you want, drink black coffee on your fasting days.

Now, I can’t just stop saying the numerous benefits of drinking water.

In fact, with this one technique i.e., drinking enough water Japanese people managed to lose 20 pounds of weight.

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That’s the reason experts recommend to drink at least 2 liters of water per day.

As your body loses water through urine and sweat so, it is always good to keep your body hydrated all the time.

Quit Sugar:

quit sugar

If you are obese then the obvious reason could be that you eat so much sugar or junk foods.

But, remember if you need to lose weight then you need to stop eating sugar.

Sugar is just empty calories with no nutrition.

I know it tastes good but it does not do it well for your body.

So, how to stop sugar addiction?

Well, I have got you a detailed 5 steps process to stop sugar addiction.

I highly recommend you to go through that once.

For your knowledge, there are some side effects of eating too much sugar and they are listed below:

  • Spike insulin level
  • Risk of diabetes 2
  • Weight gain
  • Increase blood pressure

For a detailed review of the, what does sugar do?

Check out: What sugar does to your body?


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With that being said all the nutrition tips, diet facts.

This what I have got you for the ABC diet plan.

Remember, again I’m telling you not to follow a particular diet for a long term.

It’s better to have something different over the period of time.

Not to restrict your body to such a harsh situation.

Enjoy your food and live a healthy life.



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