30 Days Beginners Running Challenge

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Running is one of the easiest ways to get fit and live a better life. But all you need is the right guide. In this 30 day, beginners running challenge one can easily get a clear cut idea and trust me it isn’t that hard.

All you need is a nice pair of running shoes and very well mindset.

Many of you might start this challenge with full of enthusiasm but might quite!

But if you want something, you need to work hard and in today’s era even smarter.

With my 30 days beginners running challenge you will start loving and running will become your habit

Getting Ready For Running ? :

30 day beginners running challenge

Now, this totally depends upon you when to start with running.

As you move on with this running challenge, time will really not matter.

But at the beginning you need to really plan out a proper schedule, allocate  a proper time for running.

And, just begin with it.

But, when you will ask me to suggest, I will highly recommend you start out at late afternoon, somewhere at just beginning of the evening.


Because your mind and body are active at that time and most probably you will  enjoy running in evening because of pleasant weather.

If you want to do at the morning

Great! Go ahead.

Ultimately, if you have a tight and busy schedule throughout the whole day, then the choice is yours.

Treadmill OR Street Running:

Look both have almost the same benefits.

All depends upon your mentality and adaptability.

If you feel you are more comfortable in running on treadmill.

No issue!

But, this 30-day beginners running challenge mainly focuses on street running.

The reasons are many, I will try to cover the most important in a nutshell.

1. You will be more open to nature and can get a fresh breeze and which can help in improving lung capacity ( in terms of breathing).

2. This street running will help in developing endurance and improves strength.

3. If you go out for a run, obviously it will cover more distance and hence you will burn more calories.

4. If you are planning for a marathon you should definitely go outside for a run, because it will correct your breathing much better.

5. You will sweat more and can get physically better.

Although running on a treadmill is also a good option.

But then you will stick to the materialistic aspect.

The treadmill is a good alternative option for people who are looking just to shred a few pounds.

Otherwise, I will highly recommend to go for a street running.

Things needed for running:

You will require a nice pair of shoes, a smartwatch (run tracking feature), a water bottle and a small towel.

And you are good to go!

So let’s begin with

Beginners running challenge

30 days beginners running challenge:

Week 1 –

 1st Day- 1/2 mile walk, rest 5 minutes and jog for 5 minutes

2nd Day- 1/2 mile jog, rest 3 minutes and walk for 5 minutes

3rd Day-1/2 mile jog, 1/4 walk

4th Day- 1/4 mile walk

5th Day- Rest

6th Day – 1/2 mile jog, rest for 3 minutes and 1/2 mile walk

7th Day- 1/2 mile jog, 1/4 mile go for a walk and 1/2 mile jog

Week 2 –

8th Day- 1/2 mile jog, 1/2 mile go for a walk and 1/2 mile jog

9th Day- 2 miles jog

10th Day- 1/4 mile jog and 1/4 mile walk

11th Day- Rest

12th Day- 1/4 mile jog, 1 mile go for a walk

13th Day- 1/2 mile jog, 1/4 mile go for a walk and rest for 3 minutes and 1/4 mile jog

14th Day- 1-mile jog and 1-mile walk

Week 3 –

15th Day- 1.2 miles jog and 1.2 miles walk

16th Day- Rest

17th Day- 1.2 miles jog

18th Day- 1.2 miles jog, 1/2 miles go for a walk and 1 mile jog

19th Day- 2 miles jog, rest for 3 minutes and 1 mile walk

20th Day– 2 miles jog

21st Day- Rest

Week 4 –

22nd Day- 1.2 miles jog and 1.2 miles walk

23rd Day-2 miles jog and 1 mile go for a walk

24th Day- 2.5 miles jog and 1.2 miles walk

25th Day- 2 miles jog, 1 mile walk and 1 mile jog

26th Day- 2 miles jogs

27th Day- 2 miles jog and rest for 3 minutes and 2 miles go for a walk

28th Day- 2 miles jog and 1 mile go for a walk

29th Day- Rest

30th Day- 2 miles go for a walk

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The goal of 30-day beginners running challenge:

The main focus of this 30 day beginners running challenge is to make you fall in love with running.

And to remove one from the comfort zone and living a healthy and better life tomorrow.

This challenge can also be taken as a preparation for marathon.

Running tips for beginners:

Beginners running tips

1. Go with short distance at the beginning and don’t look for a big chase.

2. First, go for a normal walk and then jog.

3. Take smaller steps, there is no point of making a big jump and hop like a kangaroo.

4. Get the perfect shoe pairs.

5. Don’t drink too much water at the beginning or during the walk.

6. Rest is very important and your body needs time to recover.

7. Wear lighter clothes

8. Track your progress and enjoy your running.

Benefits of running:

1. Helps in getting a flat belly

2. Burns more calories

3. Improves heart health

4. Strengthen bones and joints

5. Helps in weight loss

Complete detail benefits of running.

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