Cardio Workouts For Extreme Fat Loss

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In this article I will share with you some important tips about cardio and let you know how does cardio can help you to burn more calories or basically the fat.

If you have come in searching for to lose fat with the help of cardio, then you are in a right place. In this, I will share with you my personal cardio workouts that can help you lose fat much faster.

best cardio for fat loss

That’s sound great, right!

But before we get into cardio workouts let us understand what does cardio help in?

Cardio is basically a physical activity which you can perform anywhere whether outdoor or indoor.


You have a question right!

Yes, indoor is definitely can be an option for you.

So, cardio exercise basically tends to increase your heartbeat and no matter which exercise you do but by doing exercise if your heart rate goes above then the normal heartbeat then surely you will lose fat and that’s where exactly your body will start losing fat from your body.

So, I hope you get to know how does cardio is effective and will help you burn fat faster.

No.1 Cardio For Fat Loss

There are two types of cardio that can do in order to reduce fat :

  1.  LIIT (Low-intensity interval training).
  2. HIIT (High-intensity interval training).

best cardio for fat loss

Yes, that the only form of cardio which exists and which I prefer to suggest anyone for fat loss or to keep good cardiovascular health.

But, now the main thing is that we don’t want to do LIIT workouts.

I’m not saying that LIIT is not good but if you are doing the same thing or same workout just in a different form that can give you result much faster and it will be more beneficial for you so which one you would prefer?

Obviously, the one which can give you results faster, right!

And that’s it HIIT workouts do the same thing.

Difference between LIIT and HIIT workouts

The only difference between LIIT and HIIT is that overall outcome and effects of workouts.

Now, LIIT is basically the low-intensity interval training and you normally do something for a long period of time.

Suppose, let’s take an example:

You just go for walk for 2 km anywhere outdoor or you just walk on a treadmill for 2km at a very normal speed, obviously you will burn calories say about 60-80 calories.

That’s what you do in LIIT workouts.

Now, coming to our main workout that is HIIT workouts.

Again let us take an example:

To be very short when you are doing HIIT workouts you are about to burn more calories than any other normal cardio workouts.

So, final words on LIIT and HIIT workouts is that HIIT workouts are far too good for you if you are looking for fat loss and it burns more calories.

Key to Perform HIIT Workouts

To perform HIIT workouts all you need to do is follow the below mention steps:

1. Suppose you are using a treadmill for this to perform HIIT workouts, then all you need to do is to walk on a treadmill for 1 minute at a normal speed.

2. After walking for a 1 minute you need to run or do sprinting for 45 seconds, just increase the speed of a treadmill to it’s the highest speed.

3. After sprinting on a treadmill for 45 seconds, again you need to slow down the speed and you need to walk for 1 minute again.

4. Repeat all the process for 20 minutes.

That’s it, it was to easy to perform HIIT workouts right!

Advanced HIIT Workout

  • 1 Minute- walk on a treadmill ( 00-1:00)
  • Go for 1 Minute- sprinting ( 1:00-2:00)
  • 1 minute- walk on a treadmill (2:00-3:00)
  • 45 seconds sprinting ( 3:00 -3:45)
  • 1 Minute walk on a treadmill ( 3:45-4:45)
  • 15 seconds sprint (4:45-5:00)

Repeat all the above 6 steps 4 times and that will count it for 20 minutes and your HIIT workout will be done.

Final Conclusion:

The above mentioned cardio tips are my favorite and this is what I used to do for fat loss and if you have other workouts which you think that is giving you results then go for that.

This was my opinion on which cardio you can do to lose fat from your body.

Remember, alone cardio will not help you in losing fat.

This is just the one way to go for it and the main thing which you should be focusing on losing fat is to check on your nutrition.

What you eat is the main thing in any process whether it is fat loss or muscle building

For fat loss, I would suggest you to eat less that is to be in calories deficit, which means you are eating less than your daily requirements and that’s how you to lose weight.

Of course, if you lose weight you will lose fat.

Now, don’t get confused between weight loss and fat loss, they are two different things.

If you need some help on what thing to eat on fat loss, then I will suggest you to please check out our diet plan for fat loss

Diet plan for fat loss

Other than this thing there are lot many things that you need to follow to reduce fat such as :

1. Eat healthy and increase protein intake at least 1.2 grams per bodyweight (kgs)

2. Take no dairy products for weeks and by doing this you will see some amazing results, Trust me!

3. Be active in your life.

And that’s the main thing you must improve on and I’m sure you will start getting results.




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