Belly Fat Diet That Works (Personal Experience)

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The best diet to Lose Belly Fat 

In this, I will show you the exact methods that work for me and many of my clients. This diet is of extreme fat loss diet and one can take it for both that it either to lose belly fat or to lose overall fat from the body. This diet to lose belly fat is just the basic idea of what one can take during their fat loss program.

Important things to consider

  • Firstly, you need to know that whichever diet you may follow results will not come in a day, it takes time

Yes, I know but that’s the reality.

  • Second important thing is that to lose fat you need to eat less, which means you must be in calories deficit

Calories deficit states that when a person eats less than his/her maintenance calories then that person is in a calorie deficit

Suppose for example –

Ram has daily maintenance calories of 2500 per day then to be in calories deficit Ram must eat 2000 calories per day i.e., He is eating 500 calories less than the requirement.

  • Reduce the amount of salt and sugar from all your meals

I would suggest you cut down sugar completely for weeks and drop down salt slowly week wise

  • Eating raw vegetables will help you lose lower belly fat.

The best diet to lose Belly Fat 

Morning:- Drink Green tea in the early morning on the empty stomach

diet to lose belly fat


Morning snack:-

Oatmeal with protein powder.

Just take around 60 grams of oats and boil it and add whey protein in it just to add flavor and increase protein content in the meal.

Or Peanut butter sandwich (2 slices is more than enough)

Drink as much of water as you can, this will help your metabolism keep up at the utmost level.


250 grams of chicken breast along with the vegetable bowl.

This can include spinach leaves, kidney beans (20 grams), sprouts, onions.


Evening snack:

black coffee along with fruit of your choice.

best diet to lose belly fat


250 grams of chicken breast along with the vegetable bowl.

Or you can add Cottage cheese 150 grams by replacing chicken breast.


No matter which diet you follow, whether this one or any other the very important thing is that you should feel stressed out of it and you should keep enjoying it for a long term. This diet plan is just a basic plan and this is designed to give you a rough idea on fat loss diet.

Talking about food options,

Particularly, chicken breast is a good source of protein and there is no fat in it, so that’s the best part of it

That’s the main thing which I would recommend you to opt for such protein source food.

Remember your main goal is to reduce fat from the body and you should consume fats in excess

I would suggest you not to go beyond 60-70 grams of fat per day.

If you tend to increase the fat intake in your body then my friend there’s a lot of things you need to change and obviously, it will affect your main goals.

And, for carbohydrates, I would suggest to keep it moderate not too high nor too low

I know many people will now think we should also bring carbs down but honestly I have seen it and based on my experience I’m saying this thing that doesn’t bring carbs to the lowest level, just simply keep it moderate.

Your Motive:

Your main motive should be to increase protein and reduce fat 

Other than this I would suggest you to don’t skip meals, this will not help you anytime.

That’s it from my personal experience and also you can add the meals or item according to your taste and preferences but do check your calories.





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