8 Bicep workouts for bigger size and shape

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Biceps are the smallest muscle group in our body and what many of the people think is that training a particular muscle group for multiple times may increase their size but in reality is not true. In this article we are going to show you the most effective bicep workouts for size, this workout will surely give you results and you can see changes in your biceps.

These bicep workouts are only effective when you do them with their proper forms and repetitions. Remember the number of repetitions might be different to different individual depending upon their fitness level ( beginners, intermediate and advanced)

So, without any further ado lets get into,

8  Best Bicep workouts

1. Dumbbell curl:

The very first exercise to train your biceps and add a size into your bicep is Dumbbell Curls.

Now, very specifically dumbbell curl is a very popular exercise and believe us this exercise must be in your routine.

Dumbbell curls will help you to increase peak size and will give a defined shape.

Remember, the idea is to go slow and breathe out when you bring the dumbbell up.

How to do dumbbell curls:

Just stand and take the dumbbells; the weights should be as per your strength and we would recommend going for weight in which you don’t feel that it is too light or too heavy.

Now, bring the right-hand dumbbell towards up and when you bring to up just make sure to slightly give it a turn, this would help you to feel it the actual effect of the exercise

bicep workouts

Do dumbbell curls for 4 sets of 15 repetitions.

2. Zig-Zag Barbell Curls:

The next exercise in our bicep workouts list is zig-zag barbell curls.

bicep workouts
bicep workouts

This zig-zag barbell curl is effective and will specifically hit your longer head of biceps or the outer head of biceps.

Breathe out when you bring the barbell up

How to do Zig-Zag barbell curls:

Just hold the barbell from the inner side and you can add weight according to your strength and capability and just slowly bring the barbell up and when you bring the barbell up, just hold it for 2 seconds and then slowly bring down.

Remember, to slowly bring down the barbell and if you are making a fast movement then this will reduce its effects and

the whole exercise will be of no use.

Do Zig-Zag barbell curls of 4 sets for 15 repetitions.

3. Preachers :

Our most favorite exercise to train biceps is Preachers and we do suggest our clients do this exercise for maximum results.

Preachers will target your inner biceps muscle and will bring more tension as you stretch down.

bicep workouts
bicep workouts

How to do Preachers:

Just get down the V- shape sit or basically, preachers sit and take a medium weight dumbbell and place your triceps muscle to the cushion  ( v-shape sit) and

initially stretch your hands and then slowly bring the dumbbell to your face.

Remember, to the movements of all these bicep workouts slowly and breathe out when you bring the dumbbell up.

Do Preachers of 4 sets for 15 repetitions.

4. Close Grip Barbell Curl:

This is amongst the most effective bicep workouts that will target your inner bicep head and this will give you a defined shape and will add a size to your peak.

The idea to do this exercise is the same as normal barbell curls but the only difference is that this time you will hold the barbell closely.

bicep workouts

How to do Close grip barbell curls:

As we have mentioned earlier also the whole process of doing this exercise is same as barbell curls for reference you can take help from the point number 2 ( zig-zag curls)

Remember, to hold the barbell very close as shown in the picture.

Do Close grip barbell curls of 4 sets for 15 repetitions.

5. 21 Zig-Zag Curls:

This is the ultimate exercise for your bicep workouts and the best part this exercise is that it will tend to train all the heads of your biceps

This 21 zig-zag curl has given tremendous results to many of our people and

if you are looking to add size on your biceps then this exercise should be there in the list of your bicep workouts.

How to do 21 zig-zag curls:

bicep workouts

As shown in the picture just get the zig-zag barbell and what you have to do is make 21 repetitions of barbell curls.

But, this 21 is divided into 3 parts ( 7x bottom half, 7x mid half and 7x full)

Refer the picture,

Make 7x repetitions to the only bottom half ( till the black line in the picture should be your first 7 moves of this exercise)

Next, make 7x repetitions to the mid half ( don’t bring down the barbell completely down, just end till the black line as shown in picture)

And finally, do the 7 repetitions complete of barbell curls as same you do in zig-zag curls.

Our personal advice to you is that please don’t skip this exercise.

6. Concentration Curls:

Now, bicep concentration curl is going to give extra size to your bicep peak and it will make them look bigger and huge.

bicep workouts

The idea is to go for medium weight and concentrate on your form of doing this exercise.

How to do Concentration Curls:

Just get down on a bench and place your tricep muscles slight near to your knee and bring the dumbbell up and slowly get it down.

The slower you go the more effective it is.

Do Concentration curls of 4 sets for 15 repetitions.

7. Overhead Cable Curls:

Now, don’t forget the machines to use to add a size to your biceps.

Overhead cable curls are again going to hit your longer head of bicep and also will work on your peak size.

This can turn out best bicep workouts that you can do with machines.

bicep workouts
bicep workouts

How to do Overhead Cable Curls:

Just adjust the alignment of the machine point bar to parallel to your arms position and

you can perform this exercise with both the hand at the same time or a single hand at a time.

Make sure your hand does not get too down or too up while doing this exercise, just make it stable and you are good to go.

Do Overhead Cable Curls of 3 sets for 15 repetitions.

8. Hammer Curls:

To finish of your bicep workouts you must do hammer curls as a final exercise to train your biceps.

Hammer curls will make your biceps much stronger and it will be more effective when you feel the tension around your bicep muscle and again the idea is to go slower in doing this exercise


How to do Hammer Curls:

Just as a dumbbell curl you are going to do hammer curls but the position of holding is different than in your normal dumbbell curl, just make sure that to hold the dumbbell in a such a way that it appears in a vertical side.

Do hammer curls of 4 sets for 15 repetitions.


1. Remember Bicep is not a bigger muscle group and you need not to train them multiple times.

2. If you want to add size to your bicep, then just train them once or maximum twice in a week.

3. Don’t go for more number of repetitions, 15 is ideal for muscle growth.

The ideal number of repetitions in a set for muscle growth

4. No matter how hard you train but if your overall nutrition is not proper then you cannot build muscle.

Best protein powder to build muscle

5. Your metabolism should be high, in order to see changes more effectively and fast

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6. These bicep workouts are best and most sorted bicep workouts that you need to know if you really want to increase your biceps size.









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