7 Easy Cellulite Workout Plan For Toned Thighs And Firm Hips

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Having a saggy and big fat thigh is the upcoming problems which many of the adult women face. Are you one of those? This cellulite workout plan will help you to fight with cellulite and get rid of it.

In fact, a study shows that about 80-90% of adult women face with this problem and they do have cellulite in their bodies.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is basically the fat that grows around your thighs and which leads to the emergence of dimples on your thighs.

This cellulite can be genetically problem to some of the people.

Although, there is no full way solution to vanish cellulite.

But the good news is that this cellulite workout plan will help you to reduce the appearance and you can slightly get a better look and toned thighs.

So without any further ado let’s dive in

Cellulite workout plan

1. Lunges:

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The very first exercise in the list of cellulite workout plan is lunges.

Lunges are a great way to train your legs and get you toned legs and this probably can give you a nice cuts (shape) in your legs.

This exercise perfectly works for your quads, glutes,  and most importantly your hamstrings.

To do this:

  1. Get in a standing position
  2. Move your right leg forward
  3. Now, with the right leg in a forward pose bend your left leg to the ground
  4. Come back to the original position
  5. Do it same with the left leg by bending your right leg towards the ground

Do this lunges exercise for at least 20 repetitions for 3 sets.

2. Side jump lunges:

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The next one in the cellulite busting workout plan is side jump lunges.

If you want you can implement this on HIIT workouts as well.

This one exercise burns a lot more calories and also increases your heartbeat very much.

Side jump lunges is good for your glutes and hamstring.

To do this:

  1. Get in a standing position
  2. Now, jump towards your right with  lifting your left leg up
  3. Do the reverse
  4. Now, jump towards your left with lifting your right leg up
  5. Do this exercise fast for better results

Do this side jump lunges exercise for 20 repetitions for 3 sets

Note: Do not perform this exercise to super fast like a superman but do it in such way it increases your heartbeat up to the 

3. High Knees:

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The next exercise is very easy to perform and it is a multipurpose serving exercise.

This exercise won’t work just only for your legs but it is a good option to train your lower abs.

High knees exercise brings in continuous pressure and there is a free flow of blood around your glutes and hamstring.

To do this:

  1. Be in a standing position
  2. Look up and breathe in
  3. Lift your right leg up close to your chest
  4. Bring down the right leg and then lift the left leg up close to your chest
  5. Be in that momentum and continue doing

D this high knees exercise for at least 1 minute non-stop and perform this for 3 times.

4. Bridge Pose:

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Now you might wonder that this exercise might bring pressure to your lower back.

But don’t worry this won’t happen

In fact, this exercise helps in fighting the lower back fat

If you think that is exercise is very easy for you to perform then tryna put some weights around your waist to put some pressure

This will increase it’s effectiveness

To do this:

  1. Take a yoga mat
  2. Get down on a sleeping position
  3. Now, lift your waist or hips up
  4. Hold in that position for 2-3 seconds
  5. Then get your hips down to the ground

Do this bridge pose exercise for 20 times for 3 sets

5. Squat Jump:

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You might have heard of doing squat to train your legs

And especially if you want to get big and rounder hips.

This squat jump is very helpful to get stronger legs.

To do this:

  1. Be in a standing position with your spreading your legs apart
  2. Bend your knees and move your hips down
  3. While going down move your hips slightly backward
  4. When getting up jump in the air
  5. Land safe

Do this squat jump for 20 repetitions for 3 sets

6. Leg crunches with stability ball:

Cellulite workout plan

To work something on glutes you can’t afford to skip this exercise

For this exercise, you need a stability ball

You can go the gym or just buy one stability ball and you can easily perform this at your home

To do this:

  1. Get a stability ball
  2. Take a yoga mat
  3. Get down on the ground, keeping the stability ball just towards your legs
  4. Keep your legs on the stability ball
  5. Now, move your right leg to your chest
  6. Repeat the same with the left leg
  7. Do this moves alternatively

Do this leg crunches with a stability ball for 20 repetitions and for 3 sets.

7. Stretch:

Yoga stretching

The last thing you can perform in your cellulite workout plan is stretching.

Stretching is not just limited to do in this particular cellulite workout plan but you should do in every workout routines.

This will also help in improving flexibility.

By this, there will be a good flow of blood around your glutes, hamstring which will allow this whole workout plan to be more efficient.

Note: Stretch to your comfort level do not hurt yourself

Important tips:

1. Do not overload this workout plan by doing it multiple times a week.

Perform only 2 times a week to get a good looking lower body.

2. To make this whole cellulite workout plan more effective go for 10 minutes cardio beforehand.

Just a normal walk or jogging for 10 minutes will also work.

3. Cellulite is nothing but a fat tissue that is developing.

You need to maintain a proper diet and if you are looking for fat loss then you need to maintain a calorie deficit diet.

4. If all these exercises seem very easy for you then just go and add on weights to it to make it slightly difficult.

5. Don’t wear tight clothes, by wearing tight clothes you are restricting the good flow.

So avoid them and wear loose or clothes that fit you better.

Cellulite workout plan



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