7 Effective Ways To Lose Cheek Fat

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Do you want to get the perfect jawline? But you aren’t getting it. You probably have that double chin or face fat problem that is stopping you from getting perfect and definite dream look.

Then in today’s post, I’m going to share some diet, exercise and important tips that will help you to get rid of face fat.

Losing fat from the face is the most hectic and it can annoy you a lot.

Though there are many methods that can solve this problem.

As I have said many times that losing fat from one particular point is not possible i.e., there is no spot reduction.

But training a particular muscle and by following proper diet can help you to achieve your goals.

Let’s dive into some important points

What is Face Fat?

Face fat

When you overeat something and our body does not utilize it fully then that left glucose or food basically gets convert into fat.

This fat can be stored in various body parts. But when you see some changes around your face,

Like your cheeks are growing and it is getting fuller and becoming more round in looks, this means you have face fat.

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Signs of Face Fat:

Generally, you will have double chin layer, the jawline of your face will not be visible clearly.

Your face will look like a football (just kidding).

Meaning your face will be more round in shape.

And when you noticed some of these changes and some swollen around these parts, then it is a sign that you have a face fat.

Causes of face fat:

1. Genetics:

You might have heard of that height, skin color all these depend upon genetics.

Well, the same problem lies within the face fat.

Genetics does not have a direct connection but it does affect in your overall body structure.

If your parents are having a wide and bigger face which is generally because they have a wider bone structure,

Then it is normal that a baby will also have a bigger face or at times it might look a puffier face.

2. Dehydration:

Dehydration problem

This is the most common factor when people tend to gain extra weight.

When you do not provide enough water to your body, your body starts retaining as much as the water it can.

And surprisingly, your face is a one the body part where the body stores excess of water and thus it causes bloated face.

3. More Alcohol Consumption:

Alcohol consumption

Alcohol is not good anyways and drinking it too much and every day is going to be very harmful for your body.

Even in the Bible, it is mention that Alcohol is prohibited.

Still, people don’t follow it.

Alcohol is high in calories and it significantly makes your body dehydrated.

4. Packed Foods:


I have seen many young generations are getting more addicted to these packed foods.

The problem with packed foods is that they are less nutritious and fully loaded with sodium.

And whenever you are getting high sodium (salt) in your body,

It will make you more bloated and more chubby.

5. No Proper Diet:

When you want to lose weight then you need to know your maintenance calories.

This the first mistake people make in designing their diet plan.

In order to lose weight you need to be a calorie deficit.

For example: If your maintenance calories are 2000 per day

Then, you need to consume 1500-1800 calories per day.

However, I’m going to share the basic diet plan which can help you to lose weight and reduce face fat.

Is Face Fat a major problem?

Becoming fat is no one’s dream. If you are planning to cut down your fat percentage, still a bit of percentage won’t bother you much.

But why are people more conscious about face or facial look?

This might be your question, right!

Well, the answer is pretty very easy

First, nobody wants that they look fat from their face at least.

Second, if anything happens in your body which is not normal, it may be with your diet, metabolism, rest, etc.,

If there’s a problem in any of those things the first thing or changes that will happen in your body is in the face.

But don’t worry!

I got you one cool fact.

The first part from where your body loses fat is it from your face.

Sample Diet Plan To Reduce Face Fat:

Now, this diet plan is just to give an idea of what all things you can eat and how you can frame your calories.

Note: I have planned this diet plan according to the person whose maintenance calories are 2000 per day.

If your maintenance calories are more then, you need to plan out accordingly.

So, let’s check out the diet plan


Green tea or black coffee with one seasonal fruit.


Oatmeal with a handful of nuts and a cup of tea (optional).


200 grams of chicken breast with 60 grams of brown rice and a bowl of salad.

Evening Snack:

Whey protein (1 scoop) or 4 egg whites and 2 slices of brown bread with peanut butter.


200 grams of chicken breast, 100 grams of lentil and a bowl of salad.

Total Calories: 1550

Protein- 120 grams

Carbs- 160 grams

Fats- 45 grams

The idea is to have a protein-rich diet.

Food items to avoid at night:

  • Chips
  • Cold drinks
  • Noodles
  • Ramen
  • Sushi
  • Cheese
  • Processed meat
  • Ice-creams
  • Fast foods
  • Alcohol

Majority of the above food items are fully loaded with fats and most saturated fats.

At night this fat doesn’t get utilized and get stored into the body fats.

Exercise to reduce face fat:

1. Chin Lifts:

Chin lifts exercise

  • Look up to the ceiling and hold your head for a while.
  • Now move your lower lips up to the upper parts of your lips.
  • Repeat this movement continuously for 20-30 times.

Do this chin lifts exercise for 3 times a day for 5 minutes.

2. Jaw Release:

Lose face fat

Jaw release is best exercise to get rid of double chin as it mainly involves stretching of your jaws and it brings pressure around your jaw muscle.

  • As you eat something or chewing gum keep your jaw in that motion.
  • Take a deep breathe and breathe out while humming.
  • When you are exhaling open your mouth as wide as you can and touch your lower teeth with your tongue.
  • Hold your tongue for 10 seconds and stretch it out.

Do this jaw release exercise of 3 sets for 20-30 seconds.

3. X And O:

Face fat

This exercise involves the continuous movement of your mouth which stretch the jaw muscles and thus it help tone the face muscle.

  • Say X and try to stretch out your cheeks.
  • Say O and stretch your jaw to forward direction.
  • Repeat this for 20-30 times.

4. Fish Pout:

Pout exercise to reduce face fat

This exercise helps to reduce double chin and this movement helps to spread out cheek muscle.

  • Try to suck in your cheeks and pout and form a fish face.
  • Smile in this posture for 1 minute.
  • Repeat this for 3 times.

5. Stretching:

Cheeks stretching

This is the most easiest way to reduce fat from the face. You can do it easily with your hands.

  • Grab your cheeks out and try to pull it down below your cheekbone.
  • Move your cheeks in all the direction.
  • Repeat this for 2 minutes and at least for 5 times a day.

6. Side Neck Stretch:

Exercise to reduce double chin

This exercise helps in lowering the accumulation of fat around your cheeks.

This will solve your problem of face bloating and double chin.

  • Sit down on a chair, stretch your neck towards left.
  • Hold your neck in this position for 30 seconds.
  • Repeat the same for the right side.

Do this side neck stretch for 3 times a day.

Note: Don’t hold your neck in such a position that it brings cramps.

7. Chin Press:

Exercise to reduce face fat

This exercise helps to put in your fluffy chin inside.

  • Place your fist to your cheeks.
  • Now slowly press your cheeks.
  • Bring your jaw towards down.
  • Repeat this continuously for 2 minutes.

Natural Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Face Fat:

1. Cold water face wash:

Face wash

In the morning you should wash your face with the cold water.

You might have heard this very often.

But have you wondered why it is so?

Because cold water tends to constrict the blood vessels and can help swallowing go down.

2. Lemon and Honey water:

Lemon water

Lemon has rich antioxidants and it is very popular for reducing inflammation.

Squeeze out a fresh lemon and add few drops of lemon into lukewarm water.

Add 2 spoon of honey and mix it well.

I highly recommend you to take this glass of water in early morning on empty stomach.

This will be a great way to kickstart your day.

3. Green tea:

Green tea to lose face fat

You know green tea has got more antioxidants than 5 apples together.

And the best part of green tea is it has no calories.

Consuming green tea will allow your body to remove toxins from your bloodstream and it will lead to more circulation of blood around your face.

I recommend you to drink 3 cups of green tea a day.

4. Castor Oil:

One of the best remedy to lose face fat is castor oil.

It is easily available and it is not that expensive.

Applying castor oil around your cheeks, face and especially around your jawlines will help you to get rid of a double chin.

Castor oil has got inflammatory properties which help in reducing fat from the face and relaxes your jaw muscle.

5. Egg Whites:

Face mask

Egg white is rich in protein, vitamin A and it helps in retaining the muscle texture.

Blend two egg whites and add milk, honey and lemon juice (2 spoons each).

Make a thick paste and apply that mixture on your face.

Give it a gentle massage and then leave it for 15 minutes.

Then wash your face with lukewarm water.

6. Cocoa Powder:

Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder is a great natural remedy to get rid of face fat.

It has amazing moisturizing property.

Because of this, it helps your skin to stay hydrated and it ensures in improving the elasticity of the skin.

Take 2 spoons of cocoa powder and slightly heat it up and then add water and make a paste.

Apply this paste to your face or to your double chin.

Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water.

7. Melons:


You know melons got essential nutrients and it is fully loaded with water.

So, it will solve the problem of dehydration.

It has skin tightening agents and anti-aging properties.

Take melon juice and apply it on cotton balls.

Rub those balls to your face in a circular motion.

After 5 minutes wash your face with lukewarm water.

Quick Hacks To Add To Reduce Face Fat:

1. Drink plenty of water

2. Add cardio to your workout routine

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3. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

4. Avoid having fast foods all the time

5. Detox your body to flush out some harmful toxins.

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If you want to lose fat from the face then you need to frame out a proper diet plan, exercise a bit.

Don’t eat fat-rich foods much.

Don’t stress out too much on losing face fat.

Just be calm and follow the diet tips and exercise that I have given this post and you will surely able to lose face fat.

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