7 Fitness Resolutions You Need To Make This New Year

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The year is coming to an end and I hope you had a wonderful year and probably you are looking for a fresh start in the coming year. Then you must go through this fitness resolutions for the new year.

This resolution for the new year will make you adapt to good habits, keeps you motivated and signify you what will be good for you and for your health.

If you never been to exercise, diet or living a healthy lifestyle or you messed up with some of the factors of your fitness then this good to go solution.

The fitness task for the new year is very simple and with these small steps, you can start a better living.

So, without any further ado let’s dive in

Fitness resolutions 

Lemon Detox:

Lemon water

The first you need to do in the morning is Lemon detox.

This really simple detox water will give you energy and helps in flushing out toxins from your body.

The reason behind taking lemon detox water is just to begin your day with drinking water.

The best way to remove pollutants and to clean out your body system is by drinking enough water throughout the day.

This lemon detox water will help you in keeping the digestive system good and often people used to drink it for constipation.

How to prepare?

Nothing fancy,

  • 1 glass warm water
  • 2-4 slices of lemon
  • 2-3 mint leaves


fitness resolutions by walking daily

This is a very easy approach to make yourself much fitter and healthy.

Do you know walking also burns calories?

On average, it can burn 100 calories per mile if you are 180 pounds.

So, the idea is very simple but effective.

Let say if you are going to your workplace and if you are taking the train or bus then try to walk for that particular distance.

Or the other way, your goal should start developing a habit of walking.

I know at starting you will not enjoy it but once you get used to it you will feel better.

And to make your walking easier and fun find yourself a partner who can have a walk with you.

You got the point, right!



Now, I can keep on quoting the benefits of taking enough protein throughout the day

But to keep it small

Protein is really very important as it builds and repairs your tissue.

Do you remember why all fitness trainer keeps on asking you to take protein after a workout?

Just because protein will repair your damaged tissue and helps them to grow muscle.

This protein is an important component that is responsible for maintaining proper pH levels of blood and other fluids.

With that being said I highly recommend you take at least 1.2-1.5g of protein per body weight (in kgs).

Let’s check out the fourth fitness resolutions you can make for healthy living.

Rice and beans:


The next healthy habit you need to adapt is to have rice and beans.

Yes, you read it right


Now, many people believe that by eating rice you will become fat or you will gain weight.

But this is not true.

It all depends upon your calorie intake and if you still able to manage your calorie intake for the day, then nothing will happen.

In fact, you will be shocked that a research study in the Journal obesity research found that people who eat rice and beans are having less risk of being overweight by 14%

Snack right:

blueberry smoothie

Now, it’s a party month and you have treated your body with good foods that are loaded with sugars and high in calories.

To quit such things is not so easy and then to sudden, it is difficult.

By starting with a healthy diet and switching it to clean eating habits, you will have a sugar craving at the beginning.

But what to do?

Well, there’s an option for healthy snacks.

The snacks which I’m sharing with you are super healthy and this snack helps in boosting your metabolism and helps you in losing weight.

The best part of these healthy snacks is that they just come under 100 calories and are worth filling your tummy.

Read more:

Healthy snacks you must eat for weight loss

I would recommend you take these healthy snacks in the evening.



The main and really important fitness resolutions you need to make this new year is to start exercising.

I know I mentioned earlier in this post to start by walking.

But that’s not your complete workout session.

Just promise to yourself that you will workout at least 6 times a week.

Now, there are literally different programs and workouts plan to train your different muscle groups.

Based on that you should start doing that.

But to be scientific, I would suggest you train only a single muscle group per day.






And so on.

This workout structure will totally depend upon your body and your goals.

The reason I’m telling you to do exercise is that it got many benefits

  • Helps in weight loss
  • Control blood sugar levels
  • Less risk of heart diseases
  • Helps in building strong bones
  • Make you feel happier

And many more

But really, when you start doing some kind of exercise then you will notice that your body is changing (in terms of shape and activeness)

And you are becoming more stronger and better than before.

Burn the belly:

belly fat

This is the most common concern which I used to listen to the people.

Nobody likes to have a double layer tire around there stomach.

Now, there are several ways to burn your belly fat

But all you need to focus on your diet.

Eat healthy and follow a proper diet that can help you in weight loss.

If you think that your belly fat is not going away in spite of doing so much hard work

Then remember,

There is a process in which your body loses fat.

To keep it simple

First fat goes from your legs, then the upper body and then all fat gets stored in your belly region

So, the last part your body loses fat is from the belly region.

Try something fat burning diet that can help you in losing your stubborn belly fat.

Check out:

1000 calorie diet for rapid weight loss

That’s it from the post.

I hope you got the idea of what to do in the new year?

How to plan out your fitness resolutions for the new year and the ways to stick to it.

Again, if you noticed that all these things were very simple habits.

But what you will get in the end will be really amazing.

So till then go and achieve your goals and wish you a very Happy new year!



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