3 HIIT Workouts To Burn Fat Like Crazy

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Do you get time to workout or do you have a busy schedule because of which you can’t hit the gym? Then HIIT Workouts is the best solution for you.

HIIT Workouts does not require a lot of time but it possesses a great impact on your body and you can still achieve your goals.

These HIIT Workouts can be performed both at gym and at home also.

You can either perform cardio with this method, it totally depends upon.

The way in which you are comfortable to perform, do it in that way.

Before diving into the workouts plan, let us know-

What is HIIT Workout?

These are also the same workout as you perform your normal workout.

The only difference is that in this the rest period is minimum.

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training.

By name, it suggests that the workout is going to be at high intensity which means at a high pace.

The main aim of this workout is to increase your heartbeat as fast as it can which ultimately is going to help in burning fat from your body.

This HIIT workout will shred your body and also torches your calories.

Types of HIIT Workouts:

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate ( Reverse Tabata)
  • Advanced

In beginners workout, you need to the exercise for atleast 20 seconds each and after you complete one set of exercise you need to take rest for 2 minutes.

The intermediate workout, you need to perform the exercise for 8-10 times and in this you reduce the interval and increases the rest time.

In advance workout, the work become little difficult. You perform the exercise more and the rest period is very less.

HIIT Workouts For Beginners:

1. Squat:

This exercise will help you to slim down your thighs and it will give your hips a better look.

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To do it-

  1. Maintain a proper gap between your legs.
  2. Hold your arms straight in the air.
  3. Now, bends your knee
  4. Slightly move your hips backward while coming down.
  5. Get back to the standing position.

Perform this squat for 30 repetitions.

Squat for bigger hips

2. Burpees:

This exercise is helpful in training the whole body and it tremendously increases your heartbeat.

This is the best exercise for fat burning.

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To do it-

  1. Be in a standing position
  2. Then go down on the ground in a push-ups position.
  3. Perform one push-ups
  4. Get up and jump high.

Perform this burpees for 30 repetitions.

3. High Knees:

This exercise will going to help you in training your core muscle and legs.

The idea is to go fast as you can to increase it’s effectiveness.

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To do it-

  1. Move your right leg up in a bend position or simply just lift your knees near to your belly.
  2. Do it same for the left leg
  3. Do this alternative

Perform this high knees for 60 repetitions each.

4. Lunges:

This exercise will most effective if you are a beginner.

This will train your legs.

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To do it-

  1. Be in a standing position
  2. Move your right leg forward
  3. Now, bend your right knees
  4. Then get up and jump
  5. Do it the same for the left leg.

Do this lunges for 30 repetitions.

5. Mountain Climbers:

This exercise will burn a lot of calories and this is very helpful in reducing your belly fat.

This is a perfect fat burning exercise.

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To do it-

  1. Get down by placing your palm on the ground.
  2. Move your right leg (knee) as close to your right palm.
  3. Then, move your left leg (knee) as close to your left palm.
  4. Do it fast as you can to burn more calories.

Do this mountain climbers at least for 1 minute.

6. Plank:

This is the most popular exercise, it helps in burning belly fat like crazy.

It helps in training your core muscle and also your obliques muscle.

To do it-

  1. Get down on a ground
  2. Place your elbows to the ground.
  3. Balance yourself with your feet touching to the ground and with your hands.

Be in that position for at least 30 seconds.

Plank exercise

7. Toe Touch:

The last exercise in this beginners workout plan is toe touch.

This also trains your core muscle and it is one the best exercise to build lower abs.

six pack workout routine at home

To do it-

  1. Get down on a ground
  2. Lift your both the legs up or you can do either alternatively
  3. With your hands just try to touch your toe.

Repeat this toe touch exercise for at least 60 repetitions.

HIIT Workouts On Treadmill:

Now, if you think that above workout plan seems to be very easy for you and you have time to go to the gym, then this is for you.

This HIIT workout on the treadmill is purely a cardiovascular exercise.

This workout session will make sweat like anything.

HIIT Workouts on treadmill


This workout begins with the warm-up.

You need to walk on a treadmill for 3 minutes.

You can either jog for 1 minute also if you wish to do.

Then this workout includes 3 sets of running with different speed and for different timings.

The idea of this HIIT workout on the treadmill is to increase your heart beat as fast as it can.

According to studies,

Your body starts losing fat when your heartbeat is in the range of-

180- ( your age)

Suppose, Your age is 30

Then your heartbeat should be in the range of 180-30 = 150 per minute.

HIIT Workouts at Home:

  • Jumping Jack – 2 minutes
  • Push-ups – 1 minute
  • Mountain climbers – 1 minute
  • Burpees – 2 minutes
  • Crunches – 1 minute
  • Plank – 2 minutes
  • Jump Rope 2 minutes


All these exercises are very easy to perform.

I have discussed all the exercise in this post above and also earlier in my post.


Belly fat blaster workout

Remember to rest in between each exercise for at least 20 seconds.

Repeat all the above sets of ever use for 3 times to complete single circuit of HIIT Workouts at Home

HIIT Workouts Benefits:

With these workouts, you will burn more calories.

Your body will lose fat very fast.

And the best part of this HIIT Workouts is that it has after effect.

In sports science field it is called EPOC- Excess post exercise oxygen consumption.

This concept states that-

Your body burns more calories when it comes to the normal resting period.

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If you are following some fat burning program and you want to lose fat fast from the body, then go ahead implement this HIIT workout.







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