How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

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You have done all the good diet and maintained a healthy lifestyle and followed up a healthy routine. But the holiday comes in and all your hard work goes away and you face the holiday weight gain.

You probably end up eating more foods and high-calorie foods.

How to avoid holiday weight gain?

Is this your concern? It probably is.

In fact, according to a study during Mid-November and Mid-January, most of the adults gain weight.

You don’t want to get fit in those portions.

Then what should you do?

One of the most common reasons you gain weight during the holiday is that you eat more calories than your maintenance calories.

This disturbs your overall week calories and you end up in gaining weight.

So, how to avoid holiday weight gain? 

I have shared the best working tips that will solve your weight gain issues during holidays

Tips to avoid holiday weight gain

Control your craving:


This is the biggest problem you can come through when you are starting your weight loss journey.

And, during the holidays this becomes more.

How to control your craving?

One of the best ways to control your craving is to switch your sweets to healthy options.

For example:

You can switch your cupcakes to something like protein brownie or protein cookie.

When it comes to sweets, sugar is the one that can affect your weight loss on the negative side.

Instead of sugars, try out some healthy alternatives of sugar which give you almost the same taste.

Watch on the portions size:

holiday weight gain

Everybody enjoys and loves holidays.

Holidays mean to treat yourself good, spend time with your family.

And by this, you don’t keep an eye over portions.

No matter what you take during your holidays, you just try to overload your plate and make a mountain of foods with the cherry at the top.

What you will get?

Do you think you will be satisfied after this?

But for how long?

In fact, you can also have a bloating problem after doing such things.

What to do?

Be mindful of your eating habits.

If you think, that there is no solution to it and anyhow you are going to overload your meals.

Then, try to take smaller plates. 

This will help you a lot.

Eat something in advance:


You just can’t afford to miss this out.

I know during the festive season, there will be a lot of parties offers that you will be getting from the office, friends, relatives.

And it is the only time where all of us meet and have a good time together.

So, it’s next to impossible to say NO!

And when you attend such holiday parties you will have a lot of good foods that will be served.

But, you know all these foods are high in calories.

What to do?

The best way to escape from this is to have a pre-meal.


This works so well. Try to have something healthy like salad or green vegetables.

This will keep your stomach full and you will not eat much during your parties.

Reduce your stress levels:

You are at the office or at school and I know you will get a lot of invitations from the people around you.

And to manage all that stuffs along with your tight and hectic schedule is very difficult.

This will increase your stress levels.

And you will gain weight for sure.

But what is the connection between stress and gaining weight?

Cortisol is a hormone that is released in response to stress.

And a study shows that high cortisol levels will cause weight gain issues as this will divert your mind to eat more foods.

What to do?

Take less stress or better don’t take it.

Now, I know it’s not possible to keep you on the right track all the time.

But check this out:

How to deal with stress

This the best way to minimize your stress.

Take power nap:

Sleep at day time

When you are tired, your body needs more food.

And this the time your body binge.

In fact, if you are not taking proper sleep it will increase your hunger levels.

By this, your body will demand food and you will end up eating more calories and you gain weight.

What to do?

Better take a short and sweet nap between the meals.

Try not to satisfy your mind by having more food.

Check this out:

10 ideas to sleep better

Also, not taking proper sleep will have an adverse impact on your metabolism.

Protein-based meals:

Holiday treats include foods that are high in calories and are mostly high in carbs.

Carbs are not bad for your body but if you overdose it then it may cause you later with weight gain.

What to do?

Try to add protein to your meal. Protein is very important because it will make your stomach full and it also helps in weight loss.

Also, adding protein to your meal will help you to eat less and also helps in reducing your hunger levels.


Drinking water

This will help your body to eat less as already by drinking more water your stomach will be full.

So, you don’t end up eating more calories.

In fact, you will be surprised that the Japanese people just follow this simple water therapy to maintain a healthy life.

The number of obesity in Japan is very less. Only 3.5% of women and 2.2% of men suffer from obesity in Japan.

What do they do?

Drinking enough water. Keeping your body hydrated is all their secret to live a healthy life.

That’s it from the post.

I hope you got the points and understood where should you focus the more to avoid holiday weight gain.

Look, the holiday is also important.

Spend time with your family and friends.

Enjoy the most out of it.

But don’t mess it up with your diet, eating habits, a healthy lifestyle.

Follow the above given tips to avoid holiday weight gain.

By following my tips, you will not gain weight during your holidays and you will be still able to enjoy the holidays.

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