How to get bigger hips and buttocks in a week at home

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How to get bigger hips and buttocks in a week at home

The only concern for women and the body part they most probably are looking to train and to get in best shape is their hips. We have come up with our top most rated exercise for bigger hips and this exercise for how to get bigger hips and buttocks in a week at home are very easy to perform that you don’t require any trainer beside you.

This will be most probably for the women who are looking to get their hips in shape.


when you want your hips to look bigger and wider all you will be doing is to train your lower body ( legs exercise).

Before going to our main topic how to get bigger hips and buttocks in a week at home,

The first thing to do before starting any of the exercises is to do a warmup.

Warm up is very necessary because our body is not prepared and it is in rest situation so it is always advisable to do a warm-up of at least 10-15 minutes minimum.

By doing a proper warm-up of the body the main benefit the body will get is that there will less chance of injury and every muscle group of the body will be active and will be able to perform well during the workouts.

Many people when they do workout they do not feel or they do not do warm up their body which is completely wrong and we highly recommend not to follow any such practices.

For warm up you can do anything just like skipping, jumping jacks, running, push ups, pull ups.

While doing warm-up ensure that you are making you every muscle group active mainly arms, back, and legs.

So, let’s get into the exercise for how to get bigger hips and buttocks in a week at home

1. Squats:

The first and the most important exercise when you want your hips to look good is that you must do squats.

Now, squats can be done various forms with machines, weights, free weight but however our concern is for free weight exercise.



Just make sure that you slightly move your hips towards backward direction when you are coming down this will help to stretch the muscle.

2. Lunges :

Another best exercise to get your hips in the best shape are the lunges.

This will help lower area of your hips to get in shape.

Beside by following lunges, we are especially training for the hips but remember all these exercises will also going to help you to train your leg muscles and will tighten your legs muscles.


3. Alternative Leg Extension :

This exercise will help you to hit the lower part of hips.

Make sure to extend the legs fully to get results and not just by restricting to half stretched.

Do 20 repetition of this exercise of 4 sets and take rest of 30 seconds in between each set.

4.Side Lunges:

This exercise is most effective to give your hips a wider look.

Just normal as a squat but instead with both the leg focus on one leg and bend towards the one end,

Perform this exercise for 20 repetitions for 4 sets and for both the legs.

5. Step aerobics:

Just as you walk or climb the steps follow the same steps but make sure you repeat this process by increasing speed.

Do this exercise for continuous 45 sec for as much speed as far as you can go.

6. Side Leg Raises:

This is the best exercise to get wider hips and this exercise is most effective as this will increase the intensity of your workout

To do this exercise just hold to something say a chair and slowly lift your leg sideways and stretched to as much as you can but stress yourself with pain while stretching and then slowly bring to starting position.

7. Sumo Squats:

This is another exercise which perfectly works well for getting wider hips.

To do this exercise make sure there is enough gap between your legs and don’t worry about the weight you can still perform this exercise with free weights.

Do exactly or be in the same posture as shown in a picture

Perform this exercise for 20 repetitions of 4 sets.

8. Alternative Leg raises:

This will help in getting your hips a broader look and again this is also an effective exercise for hitting your lower hips area.

To perform this exercise just get into the plank position but let any of your leg to touch the ground, now slowly lift your another leg towards upwards for as much as you can.

Perform the same steps for another leg.

To do this exercise for 20 repetitions of 4 sets.

9. Leg Raises:

The next exercise is Leg raises.

The most effective exercise which will help you to lose fat from a lower area of your buttocks. Leg raises also helps to hit the lower abs.

To perform the leg raises just get lay down on the ground and then lift your both legs to 90 degrees as shown in the picture and then bring back to the ground but do not touch the ground fully,

just stop few inches before you touch the ground. Perform leg raises for 3-4 sets of 15-20 repetitions.

10. 360-degree leg movement:

This is most favorite exercise for many the women out there, this exercise will give broader look and will increase the size of your outer side buttocks and hence it will give a curvy shape which is the concern for most of the women.

To do this exercise just turn over the one side and slowly lift your leg to a complete circle and repeat the same for another leg by turning around.

Perform this exercise for 30 repetitions of 4 sets for optimum results.

When you are done with exercise one should do stretching after the complete workout.

Again as we discussed before workout we need to do warm up and after workout stretching is also important. Stretching allows our body to cool down and get relaxed.

Some important Tips to remember on How to get bigger hips and buttocks in a week :

  1. Increase the intensity of your walking session, the more you walk there are more chances that your hips will get shape soon.

    how to get bigger hips and buttocks in a week
    How to get bigger hips and buttocks in a week at home

2. Eat healthy foods, obviously, your main goal is to get hips and buttocks in the best shape so need to eat good and avoid unhealthy foods, especially do not eat many oily foods or

do not consume much-saturated fats as it will increase the fat percentage of your body.

how to get bigger hips and buttocks in a week

3. Sleep well, no matter what your goal is but to lead a healthy lifestyle you should be taking at least 7-8 hours sleep

how to get bigger hips and buttocks in a week

4. Wear the clothes which best suits you and to your hips especially, when you are looking for curvy shape hips and buttocks then try to wear tight pants, jeans etc., which can give that shape instead of wearing loose pants.

how to get bigger hips and buttocks in a week

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