How to look more muscular

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Today we are talking about the most common question and which is the most common concern for men on how they can look more muscular in clothes.

How to look more muscular

How to look more muscular

Obviously, when we talk about to look more muscular we are obviously focusing on upper body posture so that we can look good and our body posture appears to be attractive.

Now you need to understand why do you need to look more muscular in clothes?

This can be of two reasons:

Number one is obviously for yourself and to remain in the best shape of your life.

The second reason could be obviously to impress someone and you want to look more attractive in front of others.

Both the above reason can be adjusted to a variety of ways that can give you a muscular look which may include like fashion, your dressing style, your needs and wants, dressing sense etc.,

In this, we gonna try to cover all the aspects which can help you to give a muscular look.

Our main concern will be on how should be able to manage your body structure or physique to achieve an attractive look.

The very first thing which we recommend is that which all muscle group you should be training in order to look muscular in clothes and along with which all exercise and their forms.

Now, it is interesting to know that female loves those guy who has nice Shoulder Chest, Biceps, and V- Taper Back.

Of this your shoulder especially your traps must be in good shape.

Let’s get into the best ways that you can train the above-mentioned muscle groups that can give you a muscular group.


1. Overhead dumbbell press:

To do this just sit on a bench or you can perform in a standing position,

By dumbbells on both the hand move it up just above your head and bring it down towards your shoulder

Perform this exercise for 20 repetitions of 4 sets.

2. Inclined side laterals:

Do to this just bring your bench in an inclined position and as you do normal side laterals for shoulder perform the same

Perform this exercise for 20 repetitions of 4 sets.


This exercise is very effective in building your traps and to give you a good collar.

To do this and to feel more pressure you can add weights either on a barbell or with dumbbells

So, try to go heavy on this and just simply bring your shoulder head towards upward and hold for 2 seconds and then release or bring it back to original position.

Perform this exercise for 20 repetitions of 4 sets

4.Front Raises:

This exercise will be great to broaden front shoulder head

This can be performed both by cables or dumbbells

To do this just simply raise your hand towards slightly to your neck position and bring it back

Perform this exercise for 20 repetitions of 4 sets.


1. Lat pull down:

Just bring down bar downwards towards your chest and slight bend backward while bringing down your bar

This will give you V- Taper look

Perform this exercise for 20 repetitions of 4 sets


This might sound common but pulls are very effective in training your back muscle and this help in training the upper part of your back

To do this just hang to pull up bar and bring your chin to top of pull bars

Perform this exercise for 20 repetitions of 4 sets.

3. Back Extension:

This will make your back muscle strong and will able to tighten them up

To do this just get into sleep position but on to your stomach and now slowly lift your hands and legs in the upward direction to as much as you can

Perform this exercise for 20 repetitions of 4 sets.

4. Deadlift:

Again this exercise is most popular to burn more calories and very effective in making your back strong.

Just do it with dumbbells or barbells

Perform this exercise for 20 repetitions of 4 sets

NOTE: Womens are just shown for illustration, so don’t worry about the things and focus on the form


1.Inclined dumbbell press:

Just be on your bench and at incline position may be around 45 degrees and do the same as you do in a normal bench press.

This exercise will help to hit the upper part of your chest and will allow to pump your chest.

2. Push-ups:

This will help your chest to get broader and helps to widen your chest

It has been noticed that push-ups is a very important exercise and have given a significant result when concerning to chest muscle.

Perform 15-20 repetitions of 3 sets.

3. Bench Press:

This exercise will help to activate all the muscle group of your chest and will slightly help to build an inner chest line

Try to go heavy on this exercise and by week wise try to increase your weight and this will help you increase your strength

Perform this exercise for 20 repetitions of 4 sets and do drop down sets of this exercise.


This exercise will help to build the lower chest part and is the most effective way to hit your lower chest muscle.

You can do this exercise by holding onto the bars and while doing this exercise try to remember to slightly bend or lean towards the downward direction.


1. Squat:

How to get bigger hips and buttocks in a week

The first and the most important exercise when you want your hips to look good is that you must do squats.

Now, squats can be done various forms with machines, weights, free weight but however our concern is for free weight exercise.

2. Lunges:

Another best exercise to get your hips in the best shape are the lunges.

This will help lower area of your hips to get in shape.

Beside by following lunges, we are especially training for the hips but remember all these exercises will also going to help you to train your leg muscles and will tighten your legs muscles.

3.Step aerobics:

Just as you walk or climb the steps follow the same steps but make sure you repeat this process by increasing speed.

4. Alternative Leg raises:

This will help in getting your hips a broader look and again this is also an effective exercise for hitting your lower hips area.

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I know many of men’s special concern is for abs and don’t worry we have not forgotten to include abs muscle

In this, we are going deep on getting six pack abs but we are providing the basic exercise which can help you to build abs

Let’s get it into abs exercise

1.Crunches –

The first exercise is crunched. This is one the most popular exercise that can really help you to lose belly fat and also helps to strengthen the core muscles and also helps to get upper abs.

For beginners who are looking for crunches, they can perform the same above exercise as shown in picture but they can touch feet to the ground and perform the same exercise.

For the advance they can do can exactly what is shown in the picture.

While doing crunches make sure you bend your legs to half or 45 degrees as shown or completely touch to the ground and slowly lift your head towards the upward direction,

you can use your hands at the back of your head to give a bit of support and make sure when you are coming up you breathe out and then goes down i.e.,

when you are moving your head or bringing your head back to the ground you try to inhale at that moment.

Do this exercise to reduce belly fat and strengthen the core muscle for 3 sets of 12-15 repetition.

2.Bicycles –

The next exercise is bicycles or bicycles crunches. This is one the most effective exercise to hit your obliques muscle.

To perform this exercise you must lift your one leg as shown in the picture and at the same time, the opposite hand must touch your knee.

3.Mountain climbers –

The next exercise which is going to help to reduce the lower belly fat is mountain climbers. Mountain climbers are one of the most effective exercises to reduce the lower belly fat from your body as this exercise solely focuses on and helps to target on the lower abs.

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Better Lifestyle Tips to look more muscular

1.Train all the above mention body parts

how to look more muscular

2. Dress well, try to wear those clothes which perfectly suits you.

how to look more muscular

3. Your dressing sense should be good, now as grown-up don’t wear shirts or t-shirts of more of printed style that seems to be alright in a case for kids but you can always go for plain cotton shirts or t-shirts with less printing on it.

4. Take proper protein to pump your muscle group and don’t mess up with your protein intake as this has a huge impact on your muscle growth and development.

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5. Remember Shoulder, Back and Chest this three muscle group if trained properly can give a more attractive and muscular look.

6. Eat healthy food to stay lean.

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