Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan For Fat Loss

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Intermittent fasting diet plan for fat loss

In this, we have covered all the aspects of intermittent fasting and given the basic idea for the intermittent fasting diet plan for fat loss. Intermittent fasting for fat loss is the most recommend and most followed trend in recent years when it comes to weight loss or fat loss. Before we talk about intermittent fasting diet plan for fat loss, first let us know what happens in intermittent fasting.

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is a state of fasting which is done by an individual on a purpose to burn more calories and some extra stored fat in their body. Intermittent fasting allows an individual to eat what they want but after completing the fasting state.

Now, we have come to know about the intermittent fasting, let us know what are the most common types of intermittent fasting which are followed worldwide.

The Different Types Of Intermittent Fasting:

1. 16/8 –

The most common and most popular type of intermittent fasting is 16/8. In which a person  goes for fasting for up to 16 hours in a day and then he or she covers their meals in next 8 hours window.

2. 12/12 –

In which a person a goes for fasting for up to 12 hours in a day and then he or she covers their meals in next same 12 hours. The ratio of the fasting period and non-fasting is 1:1 i.e., basically 1.

3. 1 Day Fast and 1 Day Off-

This is the easiest way to do intermittent fasting in which a person goes for fasting for complete whole one day and goes 1 day off or non-fasting day.

4. 2 Day Fast and 5 Day Off :

This is the most difficult approach of intermittent but still, some people tend to follow this type of intermittent fasting, in which a person goes for 2 days continues fast and take 5 days off or he is non-fasting period.

The main purpose of intermittent fasting is that it allows you to consume less (if properly followed) and thus help you to be in calories deficit i.e., you are consuming less than your maintenance calories and thus if you succeded in following this thing for up to a week for beginners or at initial stage your body will surely lose 1lbs of fat for guaranteed.

Now, as we have understood of what is intermittent fasting, how it functions and what  are the different type of intermittent fasting a person can follow, now let us get it into our main topic i.e.,

Intermittent fasting diet plan for fat loss

The very first thing you all need to understand is that this just the blueprint of what one can opt for when they are following intermittent fasting especially when they are looking for a fat loss. The very first thing which I would suggest to you is that you should know your maintenance calories and accordingly, you can plan out for your meals that you are going to take in your intermittent fasting program.

Now, obviously, when are following intermittent fasting you are skipping your meal number one which is probably going to be your breakfast.

Meal 1 (Lunch):

150 grams of cooked chicken breast, 60-70 grams of brown rice along with a bowl of raw vegetables which is going to be your salad. Now in the salad, you can include any raw vegetable that you may like or prefer such as cucumber, beetroot, carrot, broccoli, chickpeas, tomatoes, green leaves, cabbage etc., and remember not to overload the amount of salad, just take one bowl in one serving. Along with this, you can have any seasonal fruit of your choice, this is optional you can skip also.

150 grams of cooked chicken breast40-45 grams         –6 grams250 calories
60 grams of brown rice4 grams46 grams2 grams220 calories
a bowl of salad3 grams15 grams        –70 calories

chicken breast- meals in intermittent fasting diet plan        intermittent fasting meal plan

Meal 2 (Evening Snack) :

In the evening you can have two slices of banana peanut butter sandwich. Now, again remember that the bread should be complete 100% whole wheat bread and peanut butter should be 100% natural should be free from any hydrogenated oils, added sugar and salts.

Meal Protein Carbs Fats Calories
Banana Peanut butter sandwich 2 slice9 grams58 grams 6 grams 317  calories


intermittent fasting meal plan
Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan For Fat Loss

Meal 3 (Pre-workout):

In pre-workout, you can have whey protein or 6 boiled egg whites and a banana

Meal Protein Carbs Fats Calories
Whey protein



25 grams

1 gram

26 grams


28 gram

28 grams


120 calories

117 calories

237 calories


In order to know what you can take in pre-workout and post workout, then also check out a similar article on

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Meal 4 (Post Workout):

In your post workout, all you need is a complete lean protein which can be obtained from whey protein, egg whites, chicken breast, you can take any of these which gives you 40-45 grams protein

Meal Protein Carbs Fats Calories
Whey protein

2 scoops

45 grams


      –      –250 calories


Meal 5 ( Dinner):

Finally, at dinner, you can have 150 grams of cooked chicken breast, 1 bowl of lentils, 60-70 grams of brown rice, 2 tablespoons of yogurt,1 bowl of salad.

150 grams of cooked chicken breast40-45 grams        – 6 grams 250 calories
60 grams of brown rice along with yogurt 5 grams 47 grams 3 grams 238 calories
 a bowl of salad 3 gram 15 grams         – 70 calories
Total 45- 50 grams 62 grams 9 grams558 cal


intermittent fasting meal plan
Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan For Fat Loss



In this Intermittent fasting diet plan for fat loss, we have provided only the blueprint of diet plan that one can take during intermittent fasting and they are looking for a fat loss. Again, in these diet plan all meals portions macronutrients are calculated approximately and we have provided the basic amount that one take and also at the beginning as we had said one should calculate their maintenance calories and accordingly you can adjust your meal size and portions.

These meal plans have been prepared by undertaking a consideration or assuming of round about 2000 calories

Things to Remember while Intermittent Fasting:

  1. When you break your fasting period, that doesn’t mean that you can take anything and feel yourself with eating more.
  2. During your first meal i.e., lunch in case you want to have before your lunch you can go for black coffee.
  3. Plan your meals and distribute your macronutrients according to your maintenance calories.
  4. Use olive oil in preparing your meal.
  5. Don’t worry about taking brown rice, it will not make you fat but includes essential nutrient which is not present in white rice.
  6. If you are taking peanut butter than make sure it is 100% natural and free from hydrogenated oil, no added salt, and sugar.
  7. Do not try to skip your meals when you are following intermittent fasting as already you been through a state of fasting. Stay hydrated.
  8. Eat raw vegetables as it will you to flush out all the water stored in the lower belly.
  9. Take your meals in between every 3-4 hours.
  10. No matter which type of intermittent fasting approach you may follow you will surely get results if properly implements and to recommend the best type then we would advise you to follow the 16/8 type.





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