Intermittent Fasting VS Keto Diet: Which one is more powerful

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When it comes to weight loss or fat loss, these two terms comes in everyone’s mind. Intermittent fasting and Keto diet have significantly helped many people to lose weight successfully.

In this article, I’ll be covering Intermittent fasting vs Keto diet and which one is better.

I’ll be showing you all the health benefits which both intermittent fasting and keto diet possess and which one outranks other.

Look there is no fixed way to go with anyone of this because both of these have their own advantages and disadvantages.

And from individual to individual it totally differs how your body is gonna response.

Also, it depends upon an individual perspective in considering each of these diet plans.

Now, before getting into Intermittent fasting vs Keto diet let us know some basic terms related to both of these diet plans

What is Intermittent fasting?

Intermittent Fasting as the name, suggests it is gonna be kind of fast. It is a fasting period where a person goes for a fast of 16 hours and then he breaks the fast and eats in the remaining 8 hours.

This means for the 16 hours straight the person is not allowed to eat anything, although he can drink water, black coffee.

And when he finishes off with his fasting, he can eat in 8 hours.

This type of intermittent fasting is so popular all around the world and it is commonly called 16/8 intermittent fasting. 

But wait

That’s not done yet.

That’s the only type of intermittent fasting.

Let us look at the different forms which people follow in intermittent fasting.

What are the types of intermittent fasting?

1. Eat Stop Eat Method:

The first way to do intermittent fasting is to eat stop eat method. In this type, a person keeps fast for the entire day and then he breaks the fast the next day.

For example, You have taken your lunch today and then you will be not eating for the entire day and then in the next day, you will break your fast at the lunchtime.

2. The 5:2 Diet method:

In this type, you will eat only 500-600 calories for twice a week and then in the next 5 days you can consume your normal calories.

This means you are going for an extremely low-calorie diet for 2 days a week.

I would suggest not to consecutively follow it for the 2 days but to keep the gap between the days.

Monday – low calories

Thursday- low calories

And in the remaining days, you can consume your normal calories.

3. Alternate day fasting:

This involves keeping fasting for complete one day and then you can eat normally the next day.

To keep it simple,

You have to keep fast for one day and the next don’t keep it.

Follow this process and this work really amazing.

4. The Warrior Diet:

In this diet plan, you have to keep fast till your dinner time and then at dinner, you usually take up a very big and heavy meal.

5. The 16/8 method:

As I had said earlier in this topic, you will keep a fast for 16 hours a day and then you can eat in the remaining 8 hours of the window.

Note: All these diet plans have their own timing and a way to follow and when you break your fast that doesn’t mean that you can eat anything you want. The ultimate goal is to eat healthy.

That was it from the intermittent fasting.

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Now, you know what is intermittent fasting and the different types of intermittent fasting that you can follow

Let us have a look on Keto diet

What is Keto diet?

Keto diet is very popular all around the world and is based on the idea that you are going to increase the number of fat intakes.

In short,

In your diet, you will take more fats and fewer carbs

In this diet plan, your body will utilize the fats as the main source of energy to do its work and other activities.

By doing this your fat ratios will drop and hence you will lose weight.

Now, you know what is intermittent fasting and keto diet

Let us compare both of them

Intermittent Fasting VS Keto Diet

Intermittent fasting vs Keto Diet

1. How do intermittent fasting and keto diet works?

Intermittent Fasting- 

In this, all you have to take into consideration is the timing of your meals. In intermittent fasting, you don’t really have to worry about the calories but the quality does matter.

Now, by saying that you don’t have to worry about calories doesn’t seem that you can overload it but to stay in your maintenance calories.

In intermittent fasting, your body is in a fasted state and you have no energy to spend it.

Then, your body will use the stored fats as an energy source and in this way, you will lose fat from your body.

Keto diet-

It is a high-fat diet.

This means you will lower the amounts of carbs and protein from your diet.

Now, as your body will have excess fats,

And your body does not have the proper carbs ratios, where does the body will take the energy from?

It is from fat.

Yes, that’s right.

You will eat fat and you will lose fat.

2. Pros and Cons of Intermittent fasting and Keto diet:

Pros of Intermittent Fasting-

  • The insulin level drops at a much higher rate and thus facilitate fat burning
  • It helps in weight loss as this ideally allow you to eat less
  • It significantly helps in reducing inflammation rate
  • It improves heart health
  • Slow aging

Health benefits of intermittent fasting

Cons of Intermittent Fasting-

  • You ideally skip your breakfast, which is not suitable for everyone
  • In this, you are in fasted state and this tempts you to eat junk and unhealthy and also increases the craving issues
  • You can’t resist this diet plan for a long term basis
  • Potential weight gain after you quit intermittent fasting as you tend to eat more

Pros of Keto diet-

  • It helps in extreme weight loss as your body will use fat as a primary source of energy
  • It improves triglycerides and cholesterol levels
  • It improves heart health and lower risk of heart attack
  • Keto diet has significantly proven to reduce the acne lesion for at least 10-12 weeks
  • Helps in fighting cancer

benefits of keto diet

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Keto diet plan

Cons of Keto diet-

  • Diarrhea, this is the most common symptom and a problem which many people suffered from while following a keto diet

Most common causes of Diarrhea

  • Low metabolism after a certain period of time
  • You are very restricted with your diet plan and the meal options
  • Reduces muscle mass due to non-availability of proper protein


3. How long you should follow Intermittent fasting and Keto diet?

If you ask me, then I would suggest not to follow for the long term basis.

Not only these two diets but any diet plan.


The answer is common, this is because when you follow any diet plan for a long time, your body will know what is coming next.

And that’s where most of the people fail.

Don’t allow your body to know what is coming next.

This means you should change your diet plan accordingly and you should try different things.

By doing this the result will be much faster and also you will not be bored by following the same diet plan all the time.

Bottom Line:

Follow Intermittent Fasting for 60- 90 days and Keto diet for 30- 45 days.

 4. Intermittent fasting vs Keto diet which is better?

You and I are not the same


The same thing applies here also.

Both Intermittent fasting and Keto diet works really well and many people have got benefits by following each of this.

Each of these diet plans differs from each other and has their own health benefits.

But if you ask me which is better?

I would say Intermittent fasting is better than Keto diet

The reason is that you can easily follow it for a much longer period and you will not lose muscle mass.

Your metabolism will not get decrease and here in intermittent fasting, you are not restricted to eat only foods that are high in fats.

But in fact, you can eat up to anything that is rich in protein, carbs, fats, and fibers.

This answer may differ from person to person.

Some of you can’t do fast for a longer period of time and probably you will quit intermittent fasting very soon.

So, you may go with a Keto diet.

5. Can you Intermittent fasting with Keto?

Yes, obviously you can do it.

Also, this will increase its effectiveness and you will lose weight much faster.

In fact, Dr.Gustin says-

Intermittent fasting and ketosis work wonderfully together. Intermittent fasting helps raise levels of ketones by keeping insulin low, and being in ketosis while intermittent fasting allows you to burn fat for fuel and decrease appetite


But also remember that while following this diet plan together if you noticed any health problems or issues, then please stop it immediately.

intermittent fasting vs keto diet

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