Japanese Water Therapy: Process, Benefits, Weight Loss

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Have you ever wondered why Japanese people are so fit?

They don’t do anything extraordinary or something crazy which will put you in shock.

All just they do is just following a very healthy habit, which we will be covering in this post.

But why Japenese people are so slim trim?

Do you have this question?

In fact, a study shows that only 3.5% of the women and only 2.2 of the men in Japan suffer from obesity.

That’s very less in number.

The secret of Japanese people are being so fit and healthy is they do follow water therapy.

Also known as Japanese Water Therapy.

Now, let’s just check out

What is Japanese Water Therapy?

Japanese water therapy

Japanese water therapy focuses on drinking enough water to improve health and fight from various other diseases.

This therapy primarily helps in weight reduction and helps in boosting your metabolism.

The ideal objective of Japanese water therapy which it constantly says is

‘To start your day by drinking water on an empty stomach’.

You have heard many times by nutritionists, doctors or by any other fitness expert is that – Water is important to live and it plays a huge role in your life related to health.

I mean no one literally no one in this world can imagine to live without a water.

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How does this Japanese water therapy work?

Remember one thing, Water is life and don’t disrespect this law.

Let’s get into the process:

  • When you wake up from your sweet dreams, grab a glass of water and drink it on a stomach. You must drink at least 4-6 glass of water right with the start your day
  •  Go to the washroom and brush your teeth
  • Just drink a half cup of water before each and every meal
  • Do not drink anything after your meal, this will disturb your digestion
  • If you have any health issues or if your treatment is going on just take one glass of water initially and then increase the numbers
  • After you finish with all the meals, drink 2 glass of water before you sleep

Japanese water therapy process

That’s it, simple.


That’s just the basic thing which they are doing.

But they are doing this religiously.

This Japanese water therapy ensures you a healthy life.

Does this water therapy works?

Well, all just not happen with one thing

It is a combination of 2 to 3 things that makes you to achieve your goals.

But to state the real facts

Yes, this Japanese water therapy works well.

Look, if you are looking for weight loss, then your main focus is to flush out all the toxins from your body.

This will make your extra fat to get vanish from your body.

When you keep yourself hydrated, all your body functions properly.

This will make your weight loss journey easy.

In fact, drinking enough water will help you to deal with constipation.

But always remember, you need to manage all other things (diet, lifestyle) equally well.

Benefits of Japanese Water Therapy:

1. Flushes out toxins from the body:

As I told you before that drinking enough water will remove toxins from your body, the reason is that drinking more water will increase your bowel movement and this leads to easy removal of harmful toxins.

2. Lose extra weight:

I told you to drink water on an empty stomach and did you know this one thing can increase your metabolism by 24%.

When you drink more water, you will feel less hungry and you will end up with eating less food.

This will help you to stay in a calorie deficit.

3. Improves your immune system:

You need to be strong and healthy.

How do you get in that?

By having a good immune system. This by Japanese water therapy will take care of this.

Water will make your lymphatic system to work really well.

This will give you a good immune system.

4. Gives you glowing skin:

Water is a natural skin toner. It is also known as body purifier.

By drinking enough water in a day, will reduce the levels of toxins in the blood.

One studies shows that drinking water on an empty stomach will increase the blood flow over your skin.

This will make your skin glow and you will fresh in the morning.

5.  Prevents from heat burn:

When you have acidity problems in the stomach, you take ENO to get you relief.

That’s totally right.

But drinking water on an empty stomach will make this acid to get down and will help in diluting them easily.

Tips to follow to make Water therapy more successful:

As I told you before that alone water therapy will not make you lose weight.

Instead, you should start doing some healthy habits which will double your results.

So, the tips are:

1. Increase your NEAT:

NEAT stands for Non-exercise activity thermogenesis.

This one factor plays a huge role in your weight loss journey.

The daily activity like walking, running, swimming, playing football/ cricket or any other sports, taking stairs, etc.,

All these activities come under NEAT.

The basic aim is to increase your timing related to those acts.

For example:

If you are going for swimming for 30 minutes, make it 45 minutes.

And when you are going home, just take a longer distance to reach (by walking and not by car).

By doing this you will burn more calories.

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2. Divide your meals:

Don’t take one meal a day.

That’s totally crash!

Be realistic

Divide your meal equally well for the entire day.

I would suggest to take at least 4-5 meals.

3. Don’t drink while standing:

This practice is not so good. Drinking water while standing will make you to go washroom very often.

You don’t want again and again.

Just sit down and drink it slowly.

Standing and drinking will disturb your digestion.


That’s it from Japanese water therapy.

You know what to do now.

Just drink enough water and keep your body hydrated all the time.

This will help you to fight various illnesses.

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