Keto diet overview

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In this, we will be talking about the keto diet for fat loss. Keto diet is gaining popularity in the past few years. This is most commonly used or adapted by many people in order to lose weight, especially for fat loss. A complete keto diet overview with all its benefits and things to do while following a keto diet.

We will be covering some facts and figures of the keto diet, benefits and the basic meal plan one can take while they are on the keto diet.

Now, before we get into keto diet overview

Let us know,

What is Keto Diet?

Keto diet is basically based on one criterion i.e., high fat and low carb

In keto diet, basically, we are trying to increase the amount of fat intake and lower the carbs intake.


As we said increasing the fat intake, by this don’t worry.

This is the fact and this is what actually is keto diet.

Remember by consuming more fats, this will not increase or store fats in your body.

You need to know the proper breakdown of your macronutrients and accordingly plan out your meal.

Keto diet is well known for its low carbs ratio.

It can be named as different such as Keto diet, Ketogenic diet, Low carb High-fat diet.

In keto diet basically, the amount of fat and protein is high and carbs are extremely low. When you eat something which has a high carb or when you are following high carb diet your body produces Glucose and Insulin.

Glucose is the simple molecule which your body can easily utilize it for the energy source


Let’s understand a difference between Keto diet and High Carb Diet.

In Keto diet – Fat is high, Protein is high and Carbs are low

High Carb Diet- Fat is low, Protein is high and Carb is High

A high carb diet, obviously you are consuming high carbs and the carbs which are not utilized by your body gets stored into fat. For energy, your body will use that stored carbs molecule to perform a further action.

In keto diet, it is reverse you have stopped carbs intake and all you taking is fats and protein.

Now for energy, your body will obviously use fat as a primary source of energy and thus your body loses fat and you tend to lose weight.

What is Ketosis?

In Ketosis, your body will use stored fat as energy because you have reduced the carbohydrates levels.

That’s simple, right!

The macro breakdown in Ketogenic diet

In Ketogenic diet as we discussed earlier, fat is high, protein is high and carbohydrates is extreme low


The macronutrients in the ketogenic diet should be of this

70% of fats

25% of protein

5% of carbohydrates

keto diet overview
keto diet overview


When you are restricting yourself with low carb where you taking almost around 10-15grams of carbohydrates per day, the faster you enter in Ketosis.

However, we highly recommended you to keep your overall carbs not more than 30 grams per day when you are on a keto diet, as low as you keep your carbs low the more better result you will get.

All you need to keep in mind is that you must consume fewer carbs and all your carbohydrates must come from vegetables, seeds, dairy products

Don’t consume carbs from Wheat bread, pasta etc., or from a starch source such as potatoes and you need to skip fruit as well.


ketogenic diet for fat loss
keto diet overview

Benefits of Keto Diet-

1. Weight loss-

keto diet overview

keto diet overview

Keto diet has helped many in their weight loss. As your body utilize fat as a primary source of energy and your body loses fat and thus you lose weight.


Ketogenic diet improves triglycerides and cholesterol levels mostly with arterial buildup.

3. Reduced Blood Sugar Levels-

Ketogenic diet helps in lowering the blood sugar levels as your carbs portion very low.

4. Energy-

When you are giving high protein, fat you will feel more energized for the whole day.

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5.Lower blood pressure-

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This is highly associated with the heart attacks

With keto diet, you probably reduce the risk of such disease and hence your blood pressure does not go high.

6. Acne-

keto diet overview

Ketogenic diet successfully drops your acne lesions and skin inflammation for up to 10-12 weeks.

7. Brain disorders-

keto diet overview

Our brain needs glucose, so the liver produces glucose from protein when you are taking fewer carbs.

Low carbs and ketogenic diet has successfully helped in proper brain functioning and also helps in improving brain condition.

8. Hunger-

As you are taking only fats and protein as a primary source of food, so your stomach will be full for a longer period of time and there will be no hunger issues.

9. Reduce the risk of Cancer-

Ketogenic has helped in lowering the risk of growth of tumor cells and it is often considered an alternative for complementary treatment to chemotherapy and radiation in people with cancer.

10. Helps in PCOS-

Ketogenic diet helps in improving the health of women suffering from PCOS

PCOS- Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

It is an endocrine disorder where ovary gets enlarged and formed a cyst.

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Ketogenic diet plan for fat loss

Meal 1:

6 Eggs

(2 whole egg + 4 egg white)

27 grams3 grams 13 grams200 calories
28-gram peanuts + 1 cup spinach or any other green vegetables8 grams5 grams15 grams180 calories


Meal 2:

1.5 scoop Whey protein33 grams2 grams2 grams170 calories
 28 grams Nuts of your choice7 grams5 grams15 grams170 calories

Meal 3:


150 grams

40 grams0 grams1 gram151 calories
Salad with nuts8 grams8 grams15 grams185 calories


Meal 4:

Protein shake35 grams2 grams1 gram170 calories
Peanut butter 4 spoon14 grams16 grams32 grams380 calories


Meal 5:

250 grams cottage cheese45 grams3 carbs52 grams663 calories
Salad + 2 eggs14 grams5 grams14 grams188 calories

keto diet overview

Note: Remember in this keto diet overview we have just provided the basic plan which can opt for and you should according to your maintenance calories should fit your macros.

Things to remember while doing Keto Diet

  1.  Increase your fat intake and try to keep your carbs ratio to low as possible.
  2.  Don’t forget to add protein to your diet or else you will become weak.
  3. When you are consuming fewer carbs your body will not hold much water, so be hydrated all the time.
  4. Don’t consume your carbs from the refined carbs source such as wheat, bread, rice etc.,
  5. You can almost any kind of meat such as chicken, pork, lamb, ham, beef etc.,
  6. In this, the above mention what to eat and what not eat picture gives you a clear-cut idea on what all things you should be consuming on a keto diet.
  7. Include seeds in your diet in order to take dietary fiber from them.
  8. Don’t restrict yourself with keto diet for a long period of time, just follow it for a month then follow your normal routine for 2 weeks then again you start with a keto diet.

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