5 Reasons You Are Losing Weight But Not Stubborn Belly Fat

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You have started with a new routine, diet plan or workout session and you noticed that after some time you are losing weight but not belly fat.

Then it’s time to change your diet plan and some other work has to be done in your other activities.

Remember, I have told many a time you lose weight from your legs, then upper body and at last from your belly fat.

So, that’s not a major problem here

But still, if you are losing weight but not belly fat then probably you are doing some mistakes.

I have listed some of the most common reasons why this problem occurred.

So, without any further ado let’s dive in

Reasons for losing weight but not belly fat

Wrong workouts:


This is the most common problem I have personally seen among many people

You feel motivated and last night you decided to crush your gym the next day.

You go to the gym and do 45 minutes of cardio and you get tired.

That’s it.

Is this your workout?

If yes, then stop doing it.

I’m not saying cardio will not help you to lose weight.

But, the problem with doing cardio is that your body will lose some of the pounds at the start and when you get off the treadmill your body will stop burning calories.

Now, you may think this is normal.

But, if I told you to do something which burns calories after your workout

Will that be amazing?

The best way to lose weight is by doing weight training.

In weight training, your muscles get a breakdown and in doing that it requires more energy and you end up in burning more calories.

And, the best part of weight training is that it still burns calories after workouts

If you are a beginner and if you want to improve your strength then follow this beginner’s strength training program.

Ignoring Abs exercise:

abs workouts

Now, this is also the common reason you are losing weight but not belly fat.

In general, doing abs exercise will not help you fully get rid of belly fat.

As there is no spot reduction

Which means you cannot lose fat from a particular part of your body, your body loses fat from the whole body.

But why to do abs exercise?

By doing abs exercise at least twice a week will help you to reduce some inches from your belly region

This will bring intense pressure around your belly alone and you will burn fat from there.

Doing abs exercise will help in toning your belly and makes it flatter.

That’s I would recommend you to do abs exercise at least 2 times a week.

Stick with soda:


Everybody likes drinks and sugary soda

But what are those actually?

Those are just empty calories.

There is no point to switch it to so-called healthy version-“Diet soda

Because according to a study both normal soda and diet soda was a problem for people becoming obese

What you can do?

Obviously, you need to cut quit sugar.

If you still crave for some drinks and want some refreshing then try making out some healthy smoothie

That will satisfy your hunger and you won’t gain weight.

This healthy smoothie is so simple to make and its taste is just amazing and the best part is that it helps you in losing weight.

More salt in a day:



Another reason you are losing weight but not belly fat is taking excess salt throughout the day.

You have prepared your meal and it’s finally the time to eat

Now, unnecessarily you are pouring salt from above like a Salt-Bae

Really, do you need those?


Taking too much salt in your meal will make feel bloated.

Remember, they said- Salt and Sugars are your enemies

They say it for a reason.

Taking excess salt will cause water to flow into your blood and then to the skin and all of that will get stored in your belly region.

Which is why you look more fluffy from the middle.

What you can do?

Instead of adding more salt try to improve the taste of your meal by adding spices, herbs, cinnamon powder, cumin seeds, ginger-garlic paste, etc.,

By having more spicy foods will help you to keep your metabolism high and you will manage to lose weight.

Not taking proper sleep:


Sleep is another reason for your problem.

I know you need to go on work but this does not mean that you will compromise on your sleep.

If you are not getting proper sleep then it’s very difficult to cut down that stubborn belly fat.

A study shows that when you only sleep for 5 hours then there are more chances that you will gain 30 or more pounds than the people who manage to sleep 7 hours a day.

When you don’t sleep enough your metabolism weak and this will disturb all your weight loss process.

Instead of stress, you will end up gaining weight.

So, it is always recommended to take at least 7-8 hours of sleep in a day.

But if you still find it difficult to get sleep, then follow these sleep better ideas.

This will make you sleep in 10 minutes.

Bonus Tip

The last and bonus tip that I want to share with you is quite similar to the first point of this article.

But adding more to it.

If you want to burn fat more quickly then add HIIT Workouts in your routine

HIIT- High-Intensity Interval Training.

The main idea behind HIIT is that it helps in increasing your heartbeat levels and in this way you burn more calories and fat.

This workout is done with a short training session along with a recovery period.

HIIT Workouts usually last for 30-45 minutes but the results are maximum.

By doing this workout your metabolism remains so high and even after workouts which helps your body to burn more calories.

And you can easily add HIIT Workouts with your weight training.

But not all day, only 2 times a week.

If you want to learn the most amazing fat burning HIIT Workouts, then start this 30 day HIIT Workouts Challenge.

This workout will shed your fat like crazy and will make you look more fit and healthy.



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