10 Best Lower Back Fat Workouts That Is More Effective

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Do you know what is the most difficult part of losing fat from your body?

It is your Lower back fat.

Yes, that’s the most annoying that can happen to anyone and it is the most last part from where you want to get rid out of it.

In this, I’ll show the best Lower back fat workouts that can help you to lose and can significantly reduce the stubborn lower back fat.

Probably you want to wear your favorite clothes and you are not getting fit or the outlook of your’s is not perfect.

Just because of that lower back fat,

Why not solve that problem.

Well, I’m here exactly for that and help you out with that.

So without any further ado, let dive in

Lower Back Fat Workouts

1. Rear Delt Rotations:

lower back fat workouts

The first exercise is Rear Delt rotations. This exercise will involve the movement of your hand and will constantly get you intense pressure on your lower back.

To do this:

  • Take a dumbbell and hold it with your hand.
  • Place your elbow near to the side of love handles
  • Lift the dumbbell upwards halfway and rotate the dumbbells in 90-degree directions.

The idea is to go slow and feel the pressure around your lower back.

Perform this Rear delt rotation for 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

2. Side toe touch:

Side toe touch- lower back fat exercise

Side toe touch is a great exercise in training your obliques muscle.

But wait!

I’m not here to see training my abs or obliques muscle.

Believe me, this exercise will turn out one of the best exercises for you when you are training for lower back fat.

To do this:

  • Get down on a ground
  • Bring your right hand close to your right toe
  • Repeat the same for the left hand

I would suggest performing this exercise for at least 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

3. Deadlift:

lower back fat

This one is my favorite.

No matter what you are training for, but deadlift should be in your workout routine.

But how this exercise is going to help you to reduce lower back fat?

Is this your question?

Well to answer that,

Deadlift is the most significant exercise when it comes to training your back muscle

To do this:

  • Hold the barbell and add weights according to your strength
    Note: There is no need to put on extra weights and show off to people, as this might cause injury

And you don’t want that.

In fact, nobody wants that.

  • Bend your legs slightly and get your hips slightly towards the ground but not fully
    (Refer the image)
  • Lift the barbell up as you stand up and when you did with it just try to stretch backward

By doing this it will add more pressure and will increase the effectiveness of the exercise.

This must be in your lower back fat workouts routine. Don’t miss this out.

4. Oblique Raises:

lower back fat workouts

Now don’t get confused with the name

This exercise will help in training your obliques muscle as well it will help in training your lower back region.

The reason I’m including this exercise in lower back fat workouts is that it helps me personally getting rid of lower back fat as it gives a truly significant amount of tension and actively trains it.

To do this:

  • Set the cable alignment to the bottom side.
  • Adjust the weight accordingly
  • Hold the anchor with your hand and swipe it up as fast as you can

Now, here fast means not to go as fast as a flash,

But to a higher speed than the normal one.

5. Side Plank:

Side plank- lower back fat workout

Side plank is going to help in reducing the lower back fat as it constantly targets the side position of your lower back.

Remember the more time you do a side plank,

The results will be much better than any other thing.

To do this:

  • Get down on the ground with the normal plank position.
  • Now, turn to the right side, with your left hand to the ground.
  • Repeat the same for the other hand

Trust me Side plank is great exercise and I personally highly recommend to include this in your lower back fat workout routine.

You can perform Side plank for 45-1 minute at least for 3 sets.

6. Front Dumbbell Raises:

The next exercise in the list is Front dumbbell raises.

If you don’t have dumbbells then you can do with the kettlebells as well.

The steps remain the same anyhow.

This exercise is also helpful in training your front head of your shoulders.

To do this:

  • Take the dumbbell, the weights should be according to your strength
  • Raise the dumbbell till your chest position
  • Hold for a second and then release

Perform Front dumbbell raises for 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

7. Bent over dumbbells rows:

lower back fat workout

This exercise you can also perform with the barbell.

If you are at an advanced level, then you can go with it.

Otherwise, for the beginners, they can perform with the dumbbells.

Bent over rows significantly trains your lower back and shred the lower back fat much easier and also helps in giving you a defined back.

To do this:

  • Hold the dumbbell in your hand and bend your legs.
  • Slightly bend yourself to roughly 45 degrees
  • Bring the dumbbells backward and when you reach the end hold it for 2-3 seconds.

This will create more pressure.

Perform Bent over dumbbells rows for 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

Note: If you are performing with the barbell then, I would highly recommend not to do it with heavyweight

Low and medium weights can also give you the best results.

8. Dumbbell Side Bend:

Lower back fat workout

This exercise is the old school technique, but you can still include it in your lower back fat workout routine.

You can also perform this exercise to train your oblique muscle.

To do this:

  • Hold the dumbbell in your both the hands
  • Bend towards one side
  • Repeat the same for the other side

Perform this dumbbell side bend for 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions.


9. Russian Twist:

russian twist- lower back fat

When it comes to love handles, obliques, lower back fat

Russian Twist has to be there.

This exercise can be a great fit for one who can’t go to the gym or for those who are looking for indoor lower back fat workouts.

To do this:

  • Just get down on the ground.
  • Hold the weights and lift your legs slightly up in the air
  • Bring the weights to your left side and right side one-by-one

Perform this Russian twist exercise for 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

10. Jumping Jack:

lower back fat exercise

This exercise tends to increase your heart beat much faster.

No, wait!


So, what is the use of increasing your heartbeat?

You have this question in your mind, right!

Well, let me tell you that Science says that the faster your heart beats or pumps, the faster you are going to lose fat.

Have you ever wonder why these experts keep on saying you to do more cardio to lose weight?

The answer is very simple.

Again the same theory applies

In cardio exercises, your heart beats much faster and you sweat more, this will help you in losing weight much faster.

That’s the reason Jumping Jack should be in your lower back fat workout routine.

To do this:

  • Be in a standing position
  • Now jump with making your legs spreading out and then coming back in
  • Repeat this for at least a minute.

That’s it from the lower back fat workout.

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In this workout, I have given the best exercise and my favorite exercise which you can adopt too.

If you still have any doubt or have any queries feel free to ask me in the comment box below, I’ll try my best to help you.

lower back fat workouts





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