11 Natural ways to increase metabolism

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In this, we will discuss the natural ways to increase your metabolism. Metabolism is an important factor that will determine whether your body is active to perform a certain activity.

Now, many people refer to metabolism to deal with two aspects i.e., weight loss and weight gain.

Yes, it right!

Before, starting with our main topic natural ways to increase metabolism

The below question is very important and you should not ignore this one

How does metabolism can determine whether your body is more likely to gain weight or lose weight fast?

Well, to answer this question let us consider the following condition:

We have categorized metabolism into two types, of course!

  1. Slow metabolism
  2. Fast Metabolism

What does this two metabolism help in?

You, probably got this question in your head, right!

So basically, the slower is your metabolism your body will burn fewer calories and it will likely to start converting them into stored fat.


A fast metabolism is what everyone’s a need,

Fast metabolism helps in burning more calories and allow your body to lose fat faster.

So long story short,

Slow metabolism = Burns fewer calories

Fast metabolism = Burns more calories

Without any further ado, let’s get into

Natural ways to increase metabolism

1. Drink more water :

The more water you drink, the more healthy is your internal body will work properly.

Water will not help in increasing your metabolism but also it will help in removing the toxins from your body

Many research studies have shown that Water alone can burn up to 25-30% more calories when you are in the rest period.

Natural ways to increase metabolism
Natural ways to increase metabolism

We would recommend you to drink water 30 minutes before your meals,

This will make your stomach full and you will end up in eating less and thus more likely you are able to lose weight.

2. High Protein meals:

The next thing in the list of our natural ways to increase metabolism is to include high protein meals every time.

Now, there are plenty of protein-rich foods that you can include in your meal

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Now, consuming more protein will obviously going to help you in increasing your metabolism but also this will help you in building more muscle.

Natural ways to increase metabolism

It is had been noticed that when people consume more protein in a day, they are likely to end up in eating less.

Yes, you read it right

Why protein helps you in consuming fewer calories?

This is because of protein will make your stomach full for a longer period of time and breakdown of protein in your body requires more calories as compared to carbohydrates and fat,

So, we would suggest you have a protein-rich meal to boost metabolism.

3. Green tea:

Now, there are lots of benefits of consuming green tea

Green tea is more popular for weight loss

Yes, it is true!

Natural ways to increase metabolism
Natural ways to increase metabolism

Green tea contains antioxidants and a compound called Catechin which basically supports in fat oxidation and increasing your metabolism.

Now, we would suggest you have a cup of Green tea at least for 2-3 times per day to increase your metabolism naturally.

Instead, of getting a cup of sugar-loaded tea which has more number of calories and which will increase your fat percentage, switch to Green tea which comes with lots of health benefit and will help you in weight loss.

4. Eat more frequently:

If you are looking for natural ways to increase metabolism, then you should incorporate with this habit

i.e., eating more frequently

Eating more frequently allows your body to perform its activity properly

Now, eating more frequently has proven to number one natural ways to increase metabolism.

Lose weight with eating carbs

Keeping a long gap between each of your meal will send a signal to your body that for next hours your body will not get anything and automatically your body will start slows down the breakdown of each of the nutrients

This way you are reducing your metabolic rate.

So, it is recommendable to have meals in every 2-3 hours of well-balanced macronutrients.

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5. HIIT Workouts:

HIIT workout is our most favorite natural ways to increase metabolism

We also highly recommend our many clients to go with HIIT workouts.

HIIT workout is basically High-Intensity Interval Training,

Natural ways to increase metabolism
Natural ways to increase metabolism

This workout is been the best practice to burn more calories and burn fat faster.

In HIIT workouts, the idea or concept is that it usually tends to increase our heartbeat to a higher level and as in many of our articles we have said that higher is your heartbeat,

the more calories you will burn

Many studies have shown that HIIT workouts help to increase your metabolism in both during and after a workout.

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6. Add more Spicy Foods in your meals:

Now, eating more spicy food is also the best natural ways to increase metabolism

This is the most convenient way to boost metabolism if don’t have any problems with spicy foods.

Natural ways to increase metabolism
Natural ways to increase metabolism


Particularly spices like black pepper, cinnamon have a chemical compound which is likely to increase metabolism.

It is have been shown that consuming spicy food would burn more extra 10 calories per meal

Thus, we would suggest you add spicy foods to your meal as it more proven natural ways to increase metabolism.

7. Take 8 hours of sleep:

Getting enough sleep is almost what everyone recommends.

And, we would also stick on to that point

Natural ways to increase metabolism

In many of our previous article, we have mentioned how and why getting enough sleep is important for you to live a healthy lifestyle.

If you are more stressed up and you are not able to get sleep due to various reasons,

Then, you are probably slowing down your metabolic rate

Take at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

8. Drink Coffee :

Coffee is a natural and the cheapest fat burners

Like Green tea, coffee also helps in fat burning

Coffee basically contains caffeine which stimulates the fat burning process in our body.

Natural ways to increase metabolism

It is advisable to take coffee 10 minutes before your workouts for the best results.


It had been noticed that coffee tends to increase metabolism by 3-11% naturally.

9. Don’t skip your breakfast:

When you have taken your last meal at night and when you woke up your body is already in a fasted state for more than 6-7 hours.

And, not providing food to your body in the morning is the biggest mistake you are making in order to boost your metabolism.

So, the very first thing you need to do in the morning is to provide food to your body.

Again, have protein-rich breakfast.

Breakfast can alone help you increase your resting metabolism by up to 10%

Breakfast should be your top priority in the list of natural ways to increase metabolism.

10. Have Garlic:

Now, garlic is the tradition and the most preferable natural ways to increase metabolism in many Asian countries.’

Garlic basically aids in blood-sugar levels and Garlic is among the best foods which tend to control the ratio of lipids in the blood.

Natural ways to increase metabolism

There many health benefits of adding garlic, it just not only helps in increasing your metabolism but also keeps a healthy heart and lowers blood pressure.

11. NEAT:

Now, this is where the majority of people fail

It is the most effective and natural ways to increase metabolism

So, NEAT- Non-exercise activity thermogenesis

NEAT is basically the unplanned activity which you do in your normal life

This can be like walking, climbing stairs or any other physical activity which are not planned.

Now, focusing more on NEAT can boost up your metabolism rate by 10%

We would highly recommend you to increase your NEAT.



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