10 Outstanding Ways To Sleep Better

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Are you struggling in getting sweet dreams? Then this is the right page you stumbled upon. I’m gonna show you sleep better ideas and what is stopping you from getting better sleep.

A good sleep is as important as a healthy diet and exercise.

Don’t worry, if you can’t get sleep because of your conscious mind.

There are many people with this problem and we called it as Insomnia.

If you are not getting proper sleep, then this will lead to a bad effect on your hormone and brain function.

Although, if you can manage to get a good night sleep, then probably you will lose weight, your performance will increase and you will be less prone to harmful disease.

So, without any further ado let’s dive in

Sleep better ideas

1. Note down:

Writing down

Writing down on a paper that’s popping in your head is the best way to get relief from the stress.

This will make your mind relax.

Write down something interesting and funny like-

  • Where do you want to visit one day?
  • People whom you want to meet?
  • Party

All these questions are random, you should just play around with it.

Don’t make another stress in your mind of writing down these question.

Just start putting down and sleep.

2. Avoid caffeine:

Coffee for better sleep

Caffeine has lots of benefits and it is also considered as a natural fat burner.

It can boost your metabolism and this helps in increasing your energy.

But if you take coffee late at the day then this will stimulates your nervous system and this stops your body from relaxing.

Caffeine can consistently degrade your sleep quality if consumed late in the evening.

3. Audio books:

Sleep better

Have you ever wonder why babies always demand for stories at bedtime?

Because they do listen to the stories for some time and then their mind relaxes and they fall asleep.

Same happens with the audio books

They are the best way to get you to sleep early.

Just before 10 minutes before getting into bed wear earphone and listen to your favorite books.

4. Avoid day-time naps:

Sleep at day time

Are you sleeping at day time often?

If you do so, then please stop doing this.

I know in these modern times, the work pressure is increasing day by day

Due to that you want asleep.

That’s ok.

But don’t make this your habit.

Try to reduce your day time naps, this will improve your sleep quality.

5. Meditating:


Stress is the biggest problem why you aren’t getting good sleep.

Want to relieve stress?

Then do meditation.

Follow this method-

  • Be in a sitting position
  • Breathe in and in your mind count 1
  • Breathe out and in your mind count 2
  • Repeat this process for 5 minutes

In this complete process, try to focus by making a picture in your mind.

Imagine you are in a dark room and there is one candle burning.

Focus on the flame.

All this is in your imagination.

This will help in improving your focus and you will be more relaxed.

6. Sleep naked:

Sleeping naked

Remove your clothes and let the air passes around your body.

Not wearing clothes at night time can help your skin cool faster and this basically helps in lowering your body temperature.

By this way, you will have good and you will fall asleep sooner.

I highly recommend don’t wear too tight clothes during the night time.

7. Bath or shower:


If you not getting good naps, take a bath or shower.

This will lower your body temperature

According to a study, a hot bath 90 minutes before your sleep helps in improving your sleep quality.

8. Weighted blanket:

Sleep ideas

Weighted blanket is the best way to have a good sleep.

These weighted blankets help in giving you warmth feeling like a hug.

When you will the pressure then this weight will help in producing melatonin and increases the release of serotonin that helps in relieving from stress and depression.

9. Walk after dinner:

Done with your dinner

Then sleep!

Are you doing this?

Please stop this, this is not the right way

Try to have light meals at your dinner and then go for a walk for 10 minutes.

This will help in improving your digestion and you will not feel bloated anymore.

I have seen many people waking up late at night just because of poor digestion.

Don’t quickly fall asleep after your dinner.

10. Don’t drink liquids too much:

stay hydrated

You might have heard this many times from your parents, drink water.

But don’t exceed the limit at night especially.

This is because you will go to washrooms many times at night.

This may degrade your sleep quality.

Although, water is very important but I highly recommend to reduce the water intake from evenings.

Why good sleep is important?

I have listed down the benefits of getting a good sleep

  1. It helps you in losing weight. (1)
  2. Good sleeps helps in improving concentration.
  3. It reduces the risk of heart diseases. (2)
  4. Better sleep helps in overcoming depression.
  5. Good sleep helps in improving the immune system.
  6. Poor sleep tends to increase inflammation.
  7. Good sleep improves your memory.
  8. It helps you in getting less prone to type 2 diabetes.


Try to get the least 7-8 hours of sleep every day for better living.

And if possible try to sleep at the same time and try to wake up at the same time.

This is also a popular way to sleep better.

There are many medications and supplements that can help you in getting better sleep but I don’t recommend you to take that.

I’m not against it but my goal is to go natural.

When things are available in their natural form, why to go for any other options.

All the above mention sleep ideas are effective and will definitely help you.

Please don’t stick to one method, try out something new and different things.

Change your routines and your daily habits

Make yourself active and indulge in some kinda activity

Don’t be lethargic.

Remember, the more quality sleep you get the more quality your day will be.

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