10 Best Tricep Workouts For Bigger Arms

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In this, I will show you the exact ways to build tricep muscle. Triceps are important to muscle group of your arm and to have bigger arms your triceps must be in nice shape and must be well defined. These tricep workouts will help you make the best triceps ever and make your arms look bigger.

Without any further ado, let’s get into,

 10 Best Tricep Workouts

1. Rope Extension:

The first exercise in our tricep workouts is rope extension,

Rope extension is the best exercise and this will intensely will give a v-cut shape to your triceps muscle and will allow to grow your tricep muscle.

There are lot many variations to do rope extension but will be focusing on the normal and standard form

To do this:

Just hold the rope as shown in the picture and slightly bend yourself and make your hips to go back a little bit

The next is to bring down the rope and extend it fully and hold it for a second

tricep workouts
tricep workouts

This rope extension should be performed for 4 sets of 20 repetitions.

2. Close grip bench press:

The next is close grip bench press,

Remember we are performing tricep workouts and not the chest exercise

tricep workouts
tricep workouts

The only difference as you might be knowing is that in this exercise will be doing it close grip and not the normal wide grip that is of course for chest.

Rest all the remain the same.

Close grip bench press will help you to hit the lateral head of your tricep muscle.

To do this:

Just get down on the bench and hold the bar from very close side such that there should not be many gaps between your both the hands.

And just lift the bar up and bring it down slowly and go up

Repeat the same.

Remember the idea is go slow when you are coming down, as this will bring more effectiveness in the exercise.

This close grip bench press must be done for 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

3. Tricep Pushdown:

This is the best exercise for tricep workouts and especially one of my favorite workouts for triceps.

This exercise also can be performed with many variations to hit the tricep heads.

To do this:

Just as you are doing in the rope extension, the same thing you have to do but this time you are doing it with the bar.

Remember, go slow and stretch it to full when bringing it down.

tricep workouts
tricep workouts

Perform tricep pushdowns for 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

4. Dumbbell Kickback:

Dumbbell kickback will help you to train your lower head of the triceps and will give a definition to your lower part of your triceps.

To do this:

Just place a leg on either side of the bench and with the dumbbell in your hand just throw it back

Don’t just simply throw, I’m just giving the proper directions, just make the movement of throwing back of something.

You need to feel the stretch when you kick backing it and don’t mess up with your form otherwise the whole exercise will be waste.

Perform Tricep dumbbell kickback for 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

5. Overhead extension (Rope):

This is one of my personal recommendations to perform this exercise or to add on your tricep workouts, Overhead extension is going to help you to hit the long head of your triceps muscle.

This will make your triceps look bigger and wider.

To do this:

Just attach a rope to the cable machines slot and when you were performing the rope extension the main slot was in the upward direction but this you have to bring it down to a lower level.

tricep workouts
tricep workouts

Now, hold the rope and turn around bring the rope to the sky and when you reach the top level, then slightly stretch it outside in v-shape form.

Perform Overhead extension for 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

6. Zig-zag bar extension:

This exercise is the alternative for the above overhead extension exercise.

This will also help you to hit the long head of your triceps muscles.

To do this:

Just stand in a still position and hold the zig-zag bar and add the weight to your potential such that it does not seems to be too easy nor too difficult for you.

tricep workouts

Now, from behind of your neck bring the barbell to up and hold it for a second.

Remember, don’t go in the swing motion. The form is everything repetitions is a secondary aspect of any exercise.

Perform zig-zag bar extension for 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

7. Bench Dips:

Bench dips are the most popular exercise in training your tricep muscles because the impact of this exercise is very high and it hit the heads of triceps to the utmost level.

To do this:

Just get in a sitting position on the bench and from behind with both the hands hold the outer part or outer side of the bench,

simply go into the dips movement

tricep workouts

And that’s it, it was simple right!

But if it appears to easy for you then, you can add weights to your laps as shown in the picture to move it to the next level.

8. Dumbbell overhead extension:

The next exercise in my list of tricep workouts is dumbbell overhead extension.

This will hit your long head of triceps.

To do this:

Just hold the hold with your both the hands and from behind of your head bring the dumbbell up to the sky and go back.

tricep workouts
tricep workouts

Repeat this procedure

Perform dumbbells overhead extension for 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

9. Push-Ups:

Yes, you read it right!

Push-ups are also helpful in training your tricep muscle, when you are doing push-ups many groups are involved in single time i.e., chest, biceps, triceps and core muscle.

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Now, it’s easy to perform push-ups


Now, this push-ups can be done in various form to hit the tricep muscles like

  1. Standard form
  2. Close side push-ups
  3. Single hand push-ups
  4. Diamond push-ups

All the above mention forms of push-ups are very effective in training your tricep muscles and also your overall arms.

10. Parallel Bar Dips:


tricep workouts

If it is possible to find the active bars or the parallel bars then you are good to go with these exercises.

Now, most importantly this is not the easy exercise and to mastery in these with regards to its proper form will take some time but that’s absolutely ok.

To do this:

Just hold the bars from both sides with your hands and lift your leg up from the ground and just get down slowly and you need to feel the pressure on your tricep muscle and not on any other muscle group.

The process is same as the dips you perform in chest workout.

I’ll not suggest you go for sets in these exercises, just do as much as you can if it 20, 25 that good for you from an initial point of view.

Final Words

  1. Compound exercise will be the best for triceps and will help in growing triceps much faster.
  2. Don’t just train triceps all the time in between every other muscle group exercise, it’s of no use.
  3. Train tricep for atleast once in a week and sometimes you can go for twice but not more than that.
  4. This above 10 best tricep workout is my favorite exercise and there are more exercise other than this, I have simply just shortlisted to the best one.
  5. Results will come only when you are consistent and doing it with full dedication along proper diet.
  6. To build muscle you need to be in calories surplus.

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