31 Weight Loss Myths That You Need To Know In 2019

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There are probably a lot many Weight loss myths that you might be debunked by many dieticians, trainers, fitness experts and many others.

But have you asked yourself that the tips are given about weight loss by your trainer or dieticians is backed by science or not?

Probably you haven’t, right!

A few of you might think of this and some of them might do research from their side and finally, they implement on them.

But, what about others? The majority of people do blindly believe in what their fitness trainer advise to them.

So in this, I’m going to cover the topmost Weight Loss Myths that I have personally tackle and come across through them.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive in

31 Weight Loss Myths

#1 Eating Carbs at Night will make you FAT:

Many of you might have heard this sentence from your trainer or any other nutritionist or fitness expert that you should not eat carbs at night.

Well, probably it does not.

Yes, it’s true. Eating carbs at night will not cause you to gain weight.

carbs at night biggest weight loss myths

But interestingly a study was done by Obesity Journal showed that when people consume carbs at night are more likely to lose weight effectively as compare to those who spread their carbs throughout the day.

By eating carbs at dinner will make or will help in solving the problem of mid-day hunger.

And also showed up in improving metabolism.

As you know, many times in my article I have discussed with you that the better your metabolism the better will be your weight loss.

The problem is not in consuming at the night time or in the afternoon.

Remember, your weight loss will not be determined by the timing you consume your meals but the amount and the type of food you choose in your diet.

#2 More Exercise will help you Lose Weight Fast:

exercise will help you lose weight, weight loss myth

The second Weight loss myth is that most of the people think that the more they will do some physical exercise the more easily they will lose weight.

This is completely is just a myth.

See alone exercise cannot help you to lose weight.

There are lot many other factors that you need to consider.

In order to correct this weight loss myth, I would say that your nutrition plays 80% while exercise is just 20%.

Benefits of Exercise

#3 Eat less and you will Lose Weight, Really?

weight loss myth

This is just marketed by the half knowledge experts.

Yes, I know it’s harsh but it is TRUE!

Well if eating less was the solution, then weight loss for everyone could be a very easy and simple process.


But it’s not the way you think.

But what’s the solution?

You have this question, right!

Then let me tell you that in order to lose weight, you don’t have to stop eating completely or cut down your calories intake too much lower levels.

But in fact to bring it down slowly and gradually.

For Example:

Suppose a man whose daily calorie intake is 3000 and he want to lose weight.

Then what that man can do?

He needs to adjust his maintenance calories accordingly.

First of all, he needs to be in a calorie deficit.

Now, calorie deficit doesn’t mean that you have to stop eating completely but to cut down your calories slowly.

In this case, that person should consume 2700 calories per day in order to lose weight.

#4 Gluten Free Diet is the Best Solution:

weight loss myth

Another weight loss myth that I had come across is that many fitness trainers are being said that you must go gluten-free.

But medical studies have shown that going gluten-free is not the solution for weight loss.

But instead, a gluten-free diet is not resistible for a long term purpose and they are basically very less in fiber in terms of their nutrient profile.

This will make you eat more.

#5 Low-Calorie Diet will give you Fast Results:

This is the biggest mistake where many of you might have done or you are still doing.

Restricting yourself with low-calorie diet will not help you in any terms.

I’m saying this to you clearly and being very transparent with you.

Don’t go for a low-calorie diet which is extremely less than your maintenance calories.


Because this will give you short-term results but is associated with many side effects like:

1. Weakness

2. Disturbs immune system

3. More craving

And many more.

#6 Skip the meals and you will Lose Weight:

To be very honest when I heard this at the inital stage of my journey I do believe this statement but later on, I realized that this was my biggest mistake.

Yes, I do skip my meals just to lose weight.

weight loss myths

But what’s the result? Does it help in losing my weight?

The answer is Noooo.

Skipping your meal is not the solution because as you skip your meals

The next day you will be more hunger and at the end, you will tend to eat more

By doing this you are saving yourself for just one day

But the next day you are disturbing your whole nutrition and diet.

#7 Eat This and That food to Boost your Metabolism:

At a point, you will come across where you will think that you are doing well with your nutrition, diet plan, workouts and still you are not able to see any results in your weight loss program.

weight loss myths- spicy foods

Then what’s the next thing?

You will across by this so-called marketers try to sell some products which they guaranteed that it will help in improving and will also boost your metabolism.

But the reality is that this little spike in your metabolism will not help you in long-term weight loss.

#8 Use smaller plates for your meals (Weight loss myths):

weight loss myths

I mean what? Is it real?

By taking a smaller size plate will help you lose weight, No my friend this is not true.

It is just a hypothetical statement made by some great people.

Even I wanted to know their names.

Well, to be very honest I don’t feel that by taking smaller size plates will help you in losing weight.

But instead, you probably might increase your frequency of taking your meals.

And by this, you might also end up in eating more.

#9 Intermittent Fasting is the Fastest way to Lose Fat:

Here, I just wanted to say that I have tried intermittent fasting.

And it helped me to lose weight.

But it’s not the only way to lose fat fast.

In fact, intermittent fasting is not that easy the way you think.

In intermittent fasting, you need to be in a fasted state for 16 hours and this is not easy.

And intermittent fasting is not the cup of tea for everyone.

To be very honest you just simply can’t rely on intermittent fasting to lose weight for a long-term.

#10 Drink Hot Cumin Seed water early in the morning:

This weight loss myth is going viral and becoming very famous around the world these days.

In fact, you might search on youtube for hot cumin seed water for weight loss.

And there you can see a lot of videos that are just misguiding you all the time.

weight loss myths busted

Oh my gosh!!!

Just look at the number of views

It’s 3.6 million views and almost around 23k shares.

That’s huge.

Well, I’m not against any videos but there are many who will misguide you or will provide you the half information.

Alone hot cumin seed water cannot help you in any terms.

#11 You need to stop eating Junk Foods (Weight loss myths):

weight loss myths

If you think that if you stop eating junk food for a week or let say for a month then you can lose weight easily.

This not the case.

You can eat junk food.

Yes, believe me.

But wait, there is always another side of it.

It’s not just the quality of food but the quantity of food as well.

Let say if you eat a burger in your one meal and if you cut down the calories from the rest of your meals accordingly

Then definitely you will lose weight.

Yes, it’s that simple.

#12 Keto diet is for Legends:

Is it really true?

Well, I don’t think so!

Many people opt for a keto diet for the long term in order to lose weight.

But in simple let me tell you that one time during your weight loss journey you need to quit the keto diet.

You cannot continue with a keto diet for the long term.

The best way to lose weight is that you change your diet plan over a period of time,

So that your body will not get bored of eating the same thing all the time.

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#13 Loose fat from a specific point:

weight loss myths

This is one of the biggest weight loss myth that people believe in.

The most common concern of the majority of people is that they wanted to lose fat from their stomach.

They want a flat stomach.

oh boy!

There is no spot reduction.

Meaning that you cannot lose fat from a particular body part like stomach, arms, face, thighs etc.,

Your body loses weight from the whole.

In fact, science says that first, you will lose fat from your face then chest, thighs and finally at last from your stomach.

#14 Cardio will help you more:

The next weight loss myth that goes around is that people tend to do more cardio.

They believe that cardio will help you to burn more calories.

But this is just a myth.

Instead, you can go for weight training.

The best part about weight training is that you burn calories while you are doing weight training but also it has an after effect.

That is your body will still burn calories when you have done with your weight training.

#15 Have at least 5-6 meals per day:


You might have heard this thing before by many dieticians and fitness experts.

But having 5-6 meals per does really help?

The answer is NO!

Having 5-6 meals will not help you to lose weight.

Your weight loss will be determined by your calories intake not the meal frequency.

This advice is only given so that you will not be in hunger state for a long time.

#16 Fats will make you more Fat:


Another common weight loss myths are that people stop consuming fats from their diet,

Because of the wrong information which they have.

Eating fats will not make you more fat.

Instead, some healthy source of fats which can easily be derived from nuts such as almonds, cashew nuts, peanuts has good amounts of healthy fat and essential omega 3 fatty acid which is important for your body.

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#17 Brown rice over White rice:

Grains, Brown Rice, Quinoa, Freekeh

I do agree that brown rice is the best option.

But alone brown rice cannot help.

And if you are comparing brown rice over white rice for weight loss. Then probably you are going in the wrong direction.

Both brown rice and white rice are high in calories.

The final way to your weight loss depends on your calories intake.

#18 Crunches will give Flat Stomach:

Sport, Training, Abdominals, Sixpack

The next weight loss myths are related to your abs exercise. Many of you believe in that by doing crunches you will able to get a flat stomach.

And so by slightly, you can lose fat.

Crunches will only help you to put some pressure around your core muscle and this thing will not help you to lose weight.

In fact, if you thinking that crunches can get your abs, then let me tell your abs will only come under one condition.

When your body fat percentage is less, say below 10 then only you can see your abs.

#19 Don’t eat Fruits:


Yes, this is also one of the biggest weight loss myths debunked by many fitness trainers, dieticians.

Fruits contain lots of sugar but you know what fruit also contains essential fibers, vitamins, minerals which important for your body.

Consuming a handful of 3-4 pieces of fruit will not make you fat.

#20 Sugar and Salt are your biggest enemy:

Waffle Heart, Waffles, Icing Sugar

This is one of the most favorite dialogue of any fitness experts.

I know sugars are too high in calories and they do come up with zero nutrient benefits.

But quitting sugar and salt is the solution?

Well if you would have asked me this question, my answer would be


In fact, a research study done by the American Heart Association stated that men can consume up to 37 grams of sugar and women can consume up to 25 grams of sugar in a day.

#21 Fat burners are the King:

fat burners

This is the place where most of the bigger marketers and affiliated nutritionist advice you to take fat burners.

But fat burners are not the actual King.

Then what do fat burners does?

Fat burners basically increase your temperature and will raise your metabolism and this will help you to burn more calories.

The fat burner will show it effect only if you take it with a proper diet.

#22 Breakfast will help you to lose weight:

Eat healthy and big heavy breakfast in the morning.

Have you ever heard this thing?

Many will advise you to take a big heavy breakfast so that you will not be hungry for the rest of the day.

This is not the truth.

But in fact, if you feel that you are much hungry in the morning then obviously you can go for a small and healthy breakfast.

#23 Avoid dairy products:

Many people think that by consuming more dairy products will make them fat.

Also just wanted to tell you that dietary products are rich in nutrients and are very balanced with proteins, carbohydrates.

Many studies have shown that consuming low dairy products will help you to lose weight.

#24 Weight loss should be slow:

The amazing weight loss myths are that the weight loss process should be slow and should be the same for everyone.

But this cannot happen in reality right.

Each and everyone is different and though their body will respond differently.

Some people will lose weight very quickly and some people will take time.

It’s just the game of how your body responds.

#25 Apple cider vinegar will help you lose 5 lbs:

Apple, Apple Juice, Beverage, Cider

The most marketed product for people who all are looking for a weight loss, they might have come through apple cider vinegar.

I do agree that apple cider vinegar will help you to lose weight, but not on a large scale as shown by the marketers.

Apple cider vinegar just helps you to eat less.

That’s it.

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#26 Military diet Lose upto 10 pounds in 3 days:

The most clickbait title for anyone can be just like this.

There is one hidden word in the title.

Which is UPTO

Yes, you just get excited by the title every time you click something related to a title like this.

Military diet is one of the most restricting diets which you can follow.

But again I don’t recommend this to anyone.

You only think of yourself.

If you can lose 10 pounds in just 3 days, then by a month you can lose up to 100 pounds.

That’s crazy right.

Anyway, you are not going to lose weight this much fast.

#27 Weight loss and Fat loss is one and the same:

The other biggest weight loss myths which people have is that they believe that weight loss and fat loss are the same.

When you see a sudden drop in your weight, this by no means says that you lose fat or it is fat loss.

This can be because of water weight which is basically extra weight hanged up in between in your joints, cavities, tissues.

Just check out the video below on Fat Loss

This thing is the most common in the fitness industry. You might have heard this from your trainer that you need to sweat more in order to lose weight.

In fact, there are many people who consistently take steam baths or saunas to raise their temperature

By doing this might help you to lose some water weight.

But you will be more hungry after this session and you will tend to eat more salty food.

#29 Cheat day in a week:

This is the biggest mistake which I personally had done in my initial stages.

I used to diet for 6 days and on my 7th day, I used to eat whatever I used to like.

And what’s the result?

I lose almost nothing.

Yes this sad, I know.

Instead of going for cheat days you can go for cheat meals.

#30 Slim belts:

Slim belts are just the market products, it will not help you in any terms.

You might have many ads of many different companies showing their magical belts which you can wear it around your stomach.

And what they guaranteed is that this will help you in losing weight.

Just think, if weight loss was this much easy then why do people often struggling now also.

The reality is that the company just wanted to clear their stock out.

#31 Eat as much as you can but it should be healthy:

weight loss myths

The last weight loss myth is that many of dieticians often says that you can eat or you don’t have to count on your calories if it is healthy.

This not the case.

You need to focus on both aspects of food i.e., quantity and quality as well.

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Final Words on Weight loss myths:

Look weight loss cannot be the same for everyone. What you heard from others might work for you but not for others. These weight loss myths need to be considered very carefully.

You need to have a piece of full knowledge of what is good and what is bad for you and for your health.

There is no secret sauce for weight loss.

Many experts, nutrition, dieticians might help you or they might give advise for weight loss

Remember those are just advised not the exact formula you can apply for your weight loss.

Weight loss myths can be countless, but I have covered the most common which are there and being misguided by many people and you need to be very selective.


Quick Recap:

Weight loss myths infographic


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