13 Healthy Weight Loss Tips Wish You Could Knew It Before

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You stumbled upon this page because you are serious about your Weightloss. Then this page is right for, as I’m gonna share with you the best and working weight loss tips.

You want to lose weight and you don’t know where to start from or what exactly works and what doesn’t.

By the end of this post, you will get to know each and everything.

So without any further ado, let’s dive in

Weight Loss Tips

1. Know your maintenance calories:

The very first weight loss tips I have for you is to calculate your maintenance calories.


Now, remember maintenance calories is different for different people due to the difference in weight, age, body fat and many others that do matter in your maintenance calories.

To calculate your maintenance calorie click on below:

Calorie calculator

Now, you know your calories.

Let say your calories come out to be 3000 per day.

In order to lose weight, you need to eat only 2500 calories per day.

This is called a calorie deficit.

2. Maintain a routine:

Weight loss tips

Making plans, the timetable is very easy but the follow-through is very important.

And this is where a majority of people fail and they get depressed.

Your body is not ready to adapt a huge change in your routine at once.

Slowly and gradually make changes in your daily routine which can help you in your weight loss.

It may be bringing changes in your diet plan, your exercise routine, your sleep timing and etc.,

For example: If you are the guy who never been to exercise, then just start with walking at least for 30 minutes a day.

Trust me, these small changes will later make a huge difference.

3. Don’t follow one particular diet plan:

Weight loss tips

You might have heard the names of popular diet like Keto diet, High Protein diet, Military diet and etc.,

All these diet plans are different and you need to figure out what exactly works for you.

You can’t stick with the keto diet for a lifetime, this is not recommended by anyone.

Read here:

Keto diet benefits and side-effects

Switch over to another diet monthly, so that your body will be confused all the time.

4. Power eating:

There are a number of healthy and nutritious foods available in the market.

If you compare a cheeseburger and chicken sandwich both are yummy!

Cheeseburger and chicken sandwich

But one is more healthy and nutritious than other. You need to know which one is correct for you.

Make a habit of clean eating every day and you will notice that your body responds to it greater than the junk food.

5. Spike your metabolism:

You want to lose weight and your metabolism is not up to the mark, then you will not lose weight.

Yes, this is true.

Your trainer will suggest you take supplements.

Simply say No!

You have foods which will help you to boost your metabolism

One of the famous is coffee.

Just put one pouch of coffee in water and drink it, this will boost up your metabolism.

Additional resource:

Foods that help in boosting up your metabolism

6. Measure by Inches:

Weight loss tips

Started with your weightloss journey

That’s great!

But don’t keep on going on weighing scale and measure your weight.

If you really want to check the difference, then measure it by inches.

Before starting out with any diet plans, measure inches of all your body parts.

After one week, again measure it by inches and check whether there is a difference or not.

This is a perfect way to keep a record of your weightloss.

7. Don’t skip your breakfast:


When you woke up, your body needs fuel

Not the actual fuel.

Fuel here means healthy food.

Get some high protein breakfast for yourself.

This will help you performing your further activities.

Unless and until you are following Intermittent fasting, then only you should skip your breakfast.

Otherwise, I don’t recommend anyone to do this.

Additional resource:

Intermittent fasting or Keto diet?

8. Make realistic goals:

The most important weight loss tips I can give you is to set realistic goals.

Make an advance goal for your weight loss journey

So that you are mentally prepared to achieve it step by step.

Write down on a paper about how much weight you want to lose weight at the end of the month.

And, please don’t write extraordinary goals that you can’t achieve.

9. Hydrate yourself:

Drinking water

Water is life!

And this is no joke (My mamma called it Jocckss).

Anyways, water is important as it will help you to remove toxins from your body.

Also, it detoxifies your body.

Drinking water will make you full and will reduce hunger.

I recommend to drink atleast 8 glass of water each and every day.

10. Eat green veggies:


Green vegetables are highly important and should be in your diet plan.

They are high in fibers.

If you are stuck at the last stage where your stubborn belly fat is not going away

Add some green veggies in your diet and you will notice that your belly fat flushes out easily.

11. Cut down sugars:


Who don’t like sweets?

But these sweets are fully loaded with sugars.

According to a study, sugars are highly associated with obesity.

I know it’s difficult but start with making little changes and then the big ones.

12. Lift more:

deadlift is important exercise and focus on form not the weights
11 most common mistakes in bodybuilding

Get indulge in some kinda activity.

Don’t just sit idle all the time

This will make you more lethargic.

Exercise a bit, you don’t need to be professional

Just sweat out!

I suggest you do weight training as it has after effect.

But if you can’t go to the gym, there’s no hassle

Exercise at home or go for a jog.

Additional resource:

HIIT Workouts to do at home

13. Be patient:

If you know your diet plan is good, you are doing exercise and burning calories.

Don’t worry then.

Just relax and be patient

You will lose weight.

Don’t expect faster results and don’t compare yourself with others.

As I said your body is different from each and every one.

No one knows what is good for your body except you.





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  1. Sorry, I am trying to “GAIN” Weight not “Lose” it, I am Under 8 stone since an Op I had, I have lost nearly 30 years of my life because of it, and I have tried “Steroids” and was “Ripped Off” each time, and that “Quack” of a “So Called Doc” won’t give me Shit apart from “Drink Supp’s” which don’t do “F. A.” even though I told him my prev. Doc gave me Something and I was eating Half a Loaf of Bread with my Dinner, he even “Put on my Files” that I asked for “Steroids”, I didn’t, so, even if I changed my Doc it’s gonna be “On there, anyway”, I don’t know what it was he gave me but I thought I knew the name
    “Vaguely” (Predisonol, or something like that) I bought them from a Pharmacy Online, it turns out that they are “Anti-Histamen”, they got a “Great” write up, a Guy said he was lile a “Pole” all his life and he had put On 2lb per week, I knew That was what he gave me, But, despite “All the Great” write ups, they done “Nada” for me, I was so Depondent, I still am, I now think its something that they have done inside me with the Op,
    Well, I am so sorry for Bugging you, if you ever know of “Anything” that would help, Please let me know, Ciao.


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