10 Minutes Yoga For Beginners

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You probably heard of doing Yoga and by this, you can gain numerous benefits. If you never tried any of the yoga sessions, then this Yoga for beginners program is completely for you.

There are several things that you need to consider before starting out any yoga sessions.

I’m going to cover all the aspects you need to focus on.

This Yoga for beginners program will help you to build strength, flexibility and you will be more energetic.

So without any further ado, let’s dive in

Yoga For Beginners:

1. Seating Pose:

This is the most common type of yoga pose, which everybody in this world teaches you.

While many of them, find it difficult to make into that position.

Seating pose yoga


But remember the idea is not to get into the perfect position, but your main focus should be on time period.

The way in which you are more comfortable, get into that position and try to meditate.

This seating position is also known as Lotus Pose or Cross Leg Pose.

2. Tree Pose:

This is very easy to do. If you want to get perfect in balancing your body then this yoga pose is a good option.

Many yoga experts says that doing Tree pose is a great way to calm your mind and this also increases your ability to focus more.

Yoga for beginners

To do it-

  1. Be in a standing position.
  2. Bring your right feet to your left knee.
  3. Join your hands and move them up.

Hold in that position at least for 1 minute.

Initially, you will face a problem but once you get into the practice, the things will be alright.

Once you feel it is easy for you, increase the time period and try to focus more.

3. Downward Curve Pose:

This is the most common type of yoga pose which you might have seen other’s doing it.

This downward curve pose helps in strengthening your body and this also puts pressure on your core muscle.

It helps in tightening your belly fat.

Yoga pose

To do it-

  1. Place your palm on the ground
  2. Stretch your legs
  3. Now lift your waist upwards

Be in that position for at least 2 minutes.

4. Forward Fold Pose:

This is a great pose for reducing the back pain and also to reduce stomach fat.

This pose also improves flexibility and it is the best way to stretch your hamstrings.

If you ever get cramps, try this pose you will get relief.

Yoga for beginners

To do it-

  1. Be in a standing position
  2. Move your head down close to your feet
  3. Stretch yourself and place your hands near to your feet.

Hold this for at least 2 minutes.

5. Warrior Pose:

This yoga pose alone comes up with many benefits and it stretches your shoulders, neck and back.

It also helps in toning your legs.

Yoga pose for beginners

To do it-

  1. Be in a standing position
  2. Move your right leg forward
  3. Stretch your left leg backward
  4. Move your hands up and stretch it.

Do this pose for both the legs alternatively.

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6. Mouse Pose:

This mouse pose is so easy and very popular yoga pose and this is perfectly suitable for beginners.

This yoga pose helps in relaxing your body and also helps in reducing stress.

This yoga pose is commonly done for reducing back pain.

Yoga pose

To do it-

  1. Get down on a ground
  2. Be in a sitting position
  3. Now, slowly stretch your hands downwards to the ground
  4. Stretch your back as much as you can.

Remember not to hurt yourself with any of the pose and movements.

Stretch it to the level that you are comfortable in.

7. Reverse Plank Pose:

You might have heard of the plank


Now, what is this reverse plank?

It is the same but in this your core will not face the ground but the sky or ceiling.

This is the perfect way to train your hips and core muscle.

It allows blood circulation around your hips and this helps in training them better and getting a bigger shape.

Yoga for beginners To do it-

  1. Be in a sitting position
  2. Place your palm on the ground
  3. Move your body upwards and tighten your core muscle.

Hold in that position for at least 2 minutes.

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8. Cobra Pose:

The easiest yoga pose for anyone is the cobra pose.

All you have to do it to stretch your back by lying down.

That’s it.

This yoga pose is also very effective in reducing lower back pain.

Yoga workouts

To do it-

  1. Get down on the ground
  2. Stretch your legs
  3. Now make a curve posture of your back
  4. Stretch your back

Hold that position for at least 2 minutes.

9. Leg Stretch:

If you are looking to improve your stretch and legs flexibility, then this pose is for you.

This also gives a wider look to your hips.

Yoga for beginners

To do it-

  1. Get down on a ground
  2. Slowly move the right leg forward and left leg backward.
  3. Stretch but don’t make it too extreme.

Change the position alternatively after every 2 minutes.

Do this leg stretch for 5 times.

10. Triangle:

The last pose in this yoga for beginners program is a triangle.

This is helps in stretching your legs and your waist.

By doing this pose your body will be in good shape.

Yoga for beginners

To do it-

  1. Be in a standing position
  2. Spread your legs
  3. From your right side, stretch your body
  4. Do it the same for the left side.

Yoga For Weight Loss:

1. Cobra Pose

2. Reverse Plank

3. Wheel Pose

4. Chair Pose

5. Tree Pose

6. Bridge Pose

7. Boat pose

Yoga for weight loss for beginners

That’s it from the Yoga for beginners program.

All the yoga pose mentioned above are very easy to perform.

Just remember, don’t make it too hard for yourself otherwise, you will not perform it well.

In the beginning, it will take time for you to understand and get in the perfect pose.

But all you need is practice and you will be able to do it easily.

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